'Big Brother 13' Recap: Cornholed and Backdoored
'Big Brother 13' Recap: Cornholed and Backdoored
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Sunday's episode of Big Brother 13 was an emotional rollercoaster with ups and downs, fights and deals, and tons of drama. So tonight the show decided to lighten the mood with some comedic relief. There's a humiliating unitard, a game of corn hole and a revelation about one HGs secret love of boy bands (hint: It's NOT who you think  it would be.)

The Lying Game

The aftermath of the nominations is full of lies. First, Daniele promises both Shelly and Adam that they're pawns and she needs Brendon to go. That's a half-truth, because Daniele would also be fine with Shelly getting evicted. Then Shelly and Rachel's War begins as Jordan calls a summit to get to the bottom of everything. Rachel says that Shelly wanted to make a final three deal with Brenchel, but they didn't trust her enough to do it. That's true, as proven by flashbacks to day 11 in the house, but Shelly still denies it. Rachel adds that Shelly posited a hypothetical scenario where Jordan get evicted which sets Shelly off.

This allegation is not backed up with flashback footage, so it's not necessarily true. But I tend to believe Rachel, only because Shelly gets overly offended whenever someone calls out her deception. I'm sure Shelly would try to say that when she asked if Brenchel would consider taking her to the final three that she didn't view it as a "deal," but that's just semantics. Hence my earlier commentary on how Shelly is acting just like Bill Clinton.

Shelly then has an emotional breakdown about how she doesn't want to play the game with liars. First, Shelly is one. And second, if you want to ride your moral high horse, then Big Brother is not the place for you.

The Great Cornholio

Jeff, Jordan and Kalia are chosen to play with Daniele, Adam and Shelly, mareking the first time Brendon and Rachel don't get to play in a veto, the first time Kalia's name was chosen from the selection bag, and the sixth straight veto competition for Jeff.

It's the Corn Hole game, where each round the HGs must throw a bean bag into a hole or have it fall on a spinning wheel with numbers. The highest number in each round is out and gets a prize/punishment.

At the end of the day, here's what happened.

Shelly got 24 hours of solitary confinement plus a phone call from home because Jordan is so nice that she gives it to her.

Kalia gets a Caribbean vacation, Daniele gets a Veto Ticket to play next week no matter what and Jeff wins $5,000.

Adam wins and takes the Power of Veto, giving Jordan the Humilitard, a humiliating unitard she has to wear for one week. So Jordan does something nice for Shelly and gets punished for it. That's a great lesson of how karma works in reverse inside the Big Brother house.

Adam gloats about finally winning, but in reality, Jeff and Daniele both threw the game because they didn't want to win it, so it's as unimpressive as when Jordan won her HoH.

Tears and Humiliation

The outcome of the veto competition is full of sadness and hilarity. Shelly's phone call from home is emotional as Shelly cries while talking to her husband Tony and her adorable daughter Josie, both of whom are also crying.

That emotional moment is quickly ended when the other HGs play a joke on Shelly, telling her she has three more hours of solitary confinement when she's really free, then opening the door and shocking her.

Meanwhile, Jeff and Jordan both get humiliated. First, Jordan tells the world that Jeff loves boy bands, which he will never live down. Then Jordan puts on the green humilitard with a tutu, dunce beanie and pigtails. Jeff calls her "Cute as a stupid little button," which is kind of the most offensive and douchey thing you can say about your girlfriend. Seriously, he just called his girlfriend a "stupid little button." He's definitely not the perfectboyfriend everyone thinks he is.

The Backdoor

Brenchel tries to make a deal not to go up by throwing Jeff and Jordan under the bus, but they never actually say that they'd vote out Jeff if he was backdoored. Also, I watched their full conversation with Daniele on Big Brother: After Dark, and they were actually pitching for Jeff or Jordan to be used as a pawn and Shelly to get evicted.

When Brendon says Daniele would be an idiot not to take their deal, he's just wrong. If Jeff were nominated, Shelly would go home and Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel would all team up to come after Daniele. Brendon and Rachel might honor their agreement to keep Daniele safe, but they would absolutely let Jeff and Jordan win and get rid of Daniele for them.

As expected, Adam takes himself off the block and Daniele uses the opportunity to backdoor Brendon the zombie, who keeps coming back from the dead. Sorry dude, but Daniele's motto is "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again," so for her second time as HoH, she wants to evict Brendon again. Hopefully this time it will stick.

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