'Big Brother 12': What Should the Brigade Do This Week?
'Big Brother 12': What Should the Brigade Do This Week?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This week is full of potential on Big Brother 12. The Brigade is in charge with Matt as HoH, but the nominees are Andrew and Kathy. How will the week unfold and what is the best strategy for the Brigade?

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Since the nominations won't change, the choices are clear. Evict Andrew, a strong competitor with unknown allegiances, or evict Kathy, a completely weak pawn.

The house seems divided along ideological lines. Brendon, Rachel and Ragan seem to think that it's important to keep serious game players in the house to avoid a repeat of last season when the final two consisted of two embarrassingly weak players. On the other hand, Enzo and Lane don't see the bright side in playing fair, preferring to evict any strong competitors to make their path to victory easier.

In theory, Rachel's side makes sense, but then again, so does Communism. If your sole goal in the Big Brother house is to win, Enzo and Lane's cut-throat, take-no-prisoners approach is best.

If the Brigade was smart, this week presents a perfect opportunity to do what they want AND make Rachel and Brendon look like the villains.

First, the Brigade makes everyone think Kathy will be evicted on Thursday, especially Kristen and Ragan. However, since Britney is close to Kathy, she's one vote to evict Andrew. If the rest of the Brigade, Enzo, Lane and Hayden, vote to evict Andrew as well while Kristen, Ragan, Brendon and Rachel vote to evict Kathy, Matt could cast the tie-breaking vote.

If Matt votes to evict Andrew, the Brigade gets a strong competitor out of the house and they've won over Kathy because she owes her survival in this game to Matt. She would also be likely to turn against Brendon and Rachel because they voted to evict her even though she was loyal.

The strategy is perfect because it would ensure that, in week 4, everyone except Brendon, Rachel and Ragan would nominate Brendon and Rachel if they won HoH.

All's fair in love, war and Big Brother 12, so if the Brigade is smart, they'll put an end to Rachel's feel-goodery and show her that this game isn't about keeping the strong competitors in, it's about getting rid of them as soon as possible.

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