'Big Brother 12' Week 4 Predictions: Who's the Target?
'Big Brother 12' Week 4 Predictions: Who's the Target?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Thursday means a live eviction on Big Brother 12, but thanks to the live feeds, what happens tonight is already known. However, what happens next week is the real mystery.

Will Brendon and Rachel finally be broken up? Will the Brigade be exposed? Will Kathy float into the jury? Here are my predictions:

Andrew's Eviction

Andrew is certainly going home, despite Brendon's best and dumbest efforts. Last night on the live feeds Brendon campaigned hard to get Ragan and Britney to keep Andrew despite the fact that Andrew has been telling the whole house that he's going after Brendon and Rachel now.

If you think that makes absolutely no sense, you're not alone. The move was so idiotic that Ragan could hardly contain his disgust for Brendon's shameless attempts at keeping his not-so-secret alliance with Andrew safe. It could also backfire because Brendon's campaigning has made him even more suspicious to the few people left in the house who were on his side.

If Brenchel Wins HoH

If Brendon or Rachel wins HoH, the rest of the house is going to be furious and they will be insufferable. However, over the past week they've made it very clear that they want to be the only power couple in Big Brother 12, so Hayden and Kristen would almost certainly be the nominees. Luckily for Hayden he has the Brigade and Kristen is perceived as a much bigger threat.

In a way, this would be the best possible outcome for Lane, Enzo and Matt, because getting Hayden's girlfriend out of the house would make him even more devoted to their alliance.

If Enzo, Lane, Hayden, Kristen or Kathy Win HoH

After the plan to backdoor Brendon blew up in everyone's faces, any of these people would be idiots not to nominate Brendon and Rachel right away. It's what the Brigade wants, it's what Kristen wants because they're coming after her and it's what Kathy wants because this week Brendon and Rachel turned on her as fast as they could.

If Ragan or Britney Win HoH

I feel like this is unlikely because they're both in strong enough positions that they should throw the HoH competition. They're in the middle of the warring sides, so the best plan is to stay low. Britney has attached herself to Rachel despite mocking her constantly with Monet a week ago and Ragan is still super BFFs with Matt. Things got interesting last night when Brendon's campaigning led Matt to consider striking back because he called Brendon, among other things, one of the stupidest players this season.

The Twist

So with the odds stacked heavily in favor of Brendon and Rachel being nominated, the only question is what kind of twist awaits us. I'm guessing it will be the return of one of the first four evicted HGs, I just don't know how they'll decide. America's vote? Houseguests' vote? Maybe next Friday's luxury competition will include an individual prize where one HG can win the ability to bring anyone they want back.

There's very little predicting what will happen on Big Brother 12 because everything changes from week to week. If I told you a week ago that Britney and Matt, both nominated by Rachel, would become part of her inner circle, you wouldn't have believed me.

However, one thing is certain: No one suspects the Brigade. You have to be impressed that no one is on to them yet.

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