'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: Who Are the Week 6 Nominees?
'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: Who Are the Week 6 Nominees?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This is going to be a strange week on Big Brother 12. With Brendon left in the house without Rachel and Matt holding the Diamond Power of Veto, things can change at any time. Keep reading for spoilers about what's been happening inside the Big Brother house, including the nominees.


Brendon won the HoH and he nominated Ragan and Lane.

If you're like me, you're probably confused by Brendon's strategy. He was fairly straight-forward about wanting to punish the "cockroaches" who he blames for getting his lady out, Matt, Ragan and Britney. He even made them the three Have-Nots for the week.

It's even stranger if you consider that mere minutes before the ceremony Brendon was saying that Britney and Lane would be nominated, but a last second conversation with Britney must have changed his mind. Or maybe he wanted to play fair and nominate two people who've never been on the block, thus making Enzo the only HG who has never been nominated.

It's curious that instead of going after a pair, he's really targeting Ragan, since Brendon is probably confident that Lane is his best bet. Not only would he have Enzo and Hayden, but putting up Britney's two closest allies puts her vote in play. It may also ensure that, if Britney wins the PoV, she wouldn't use it on Ragan, leaving him on the block.

If the nominees stay the same, Matt may be able to avoid having to use the Diamond Power of Veto, get a strong competitor like Ragan out without getting any blood on his hands, and still protect the Brigade's anonymity. And if Ragan goes, next week the Brigade would only have to beat Kathy and Britney to win the HoH and try to evict either Brendon or Britney.

Of course this is based on the promise that the Brigade will stay together. There are definitely chinks in the armor. Hayden and Enzo seem to be seriously considering jumping ship to join Brendon due to the fact that Matt and Lane are getting a little too close to their BFFs in the house, Ragan and Britney.

I could easily see a total break-up of the Brigade this week, where Matt decides to confess the truth about the Brigade to Ragan and Britney, hoping to team up with them and Lane. Then Matt could use the Diamond Power of Veto to commit the ultimate betrayal by putting up Enzo or Hayden. It's not impossible.

The Have-Not Food

The food for the Have-Nots is the most disgusting option, as expected, eggplant and escargot. Something tells me they won't be eating the snails that often.

The Sabo-Bore

There was also another Saboteur message saying that the lifelong friends, a guy and a girl, are still in the house.

Once again: Worst. Twist. Ever.

No one believes it and they suspect it's just America or the producers, which is perfectly reasonable since Ragan has done nothing that someone not in the house couldn't have done.

Sadly, the best sabotage came last night and he wasn't even responsible. A little before midnight the fans started turning on and the lights went out quickly a few times. All the HGs freaked out and gathered in the living room, hoping for some sabotage, but then the producers came onto the loudspeaker to announce that they accidentally hit some electrical equipment and that it should be fixed now.

Step it up, Ragan. Accidents are better at sabotaging the house than you are. And he'd better do it soon, because he could easily get evicted, which would be tragic for him because he wouldn't win the $20,000 and it would give this season's HGs a tremendous record for voting out the Saboteur by accident.

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