'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: The First Big Alliance and More
'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: The First Big Alliance and More
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
I'm certain Big Brother 12 will kill me. Last night I tuned into Showtime's Big Brother After Dark for the first time and became addicted. The three hours of uncensored live feed coverage airing every night from midnight to 3am became my new obsession, which means I will be getting very little sleep this summer.

However, it does mean I've become a lot more informed about the HGs and watching it gives me a more comprehensive look at what's happening. So here are the top stories from the show, in case you missed it.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 12 spoilers.

Power of Veto Competitors

The competition is still coming, but I learned the people competing for PoV will be Brendon, Rachel, Hayden, Andrew, Enzo and Monet. The most interesting part is that when Rachel picked Monet's name, she apparently made a disgusted face that has everyone in the house talking. It also seems that nominees Brendon and Rachel are the first showmance of the season, a situation so crazy that Rachel is already promising to use the veto on Brendon if she wins, a Marcellas-sized mistake that has everyone in disbelief.

Captain Kosher, the Creepy Saboteur

There are a few things you need to know about Andrew. First, everyone in the house is 100 percent certain that he's the Saboteur, and if he's not, he's doing a terrible job convincing people of that fact. Second, he's creepy and disliked by everyone. Within the three hours of live feeds we learn that he has a strange obsession with Annie and that he asked Kathy which of the other girls' bodies she'd most like to have. There are also nonstop Jewish jokes, including calling him Captain Kosher and saying "O-M-Jew" when he walks into a room.

Gang? What Gang? Oh, THAT Gang!

Andrew knows he's in trouble next week so he tried to chat with Enzo and wound up accusing the Jersey boy of having formed a "gang." Enzo got incredibly angry over this and spent most of the show fuming over how offended he was at the accusation. Though that was all very disingenuous, because ...

Enzo IS in a Gang!

This season's version of the Four Horsemen are Enzo, Matt and Hayden, and the Gang is already making plans for week 4. I thought Matt would be a little more familiar with hubris since he's a secret member of MENSA.

The Gang's Plan

In an intense strategy session in the HoH room, Hayden, Matt and Enzo went over their detailed plan.

This week they want Brendon out. If Brendon somehow wins PoV or gets taken off, there doesn't seem to be much a back-up plan. None of them want to evict Rachel since she isn't a threat at all, but they'd be forced to do it by putting up a pawn, probably Kathy.

In week 2, they want to back off, not win HoH and let the rest of the house evict Andrew just like everyone wants.

In week 3 the Gang will, theoretically, have all four strong men competing to win and then they'll want to boot Annie, because she's way too nice and everyone likes her.

It's strange how much all the Big Brother 12 HGs talk about past seasons and past contestants, because it seems like the Gang knows NOTHING about BB history. You never make plans several weeks in advance because those plans ALWAYS fall apart.

Other Alliances

Other than the Gang, there aren't a lot of powerful forces. Brendon and Rachel are together, possibly working with Annie, and Brendon is the closest thing Andrew has to a friend in the house.

Elsewhere, Kathy and Monet have formed a close bond. However, Ragan, Britney and especially Kristen seem to be wild cards. Hayden actually spent time laughing over how strange Kristen is and how she doesn't seem to care at all about playing the game. Right now, that might actually be the best strategy.

Kathy's Bruises

Finally, the most shocking part of the live feeds was seeing Kathy's wounded body. After the fall off the slippery wiener in the HoH competition she was apparently injured again in the first luxury competition in a caramel sauce accident that led to Britney stepping on her. During the whole three hours she essentially just sits on a couch, chats with whoever sits next to her and reveals that her arms look like she has sleeve tattoos because they are all black and blue. Add the fact that she's on slop and I feel really bad for her.

So that's what you'll see this week: Andrew is the Saboteur, Kathy gets hurt, the Gang is formed and Brendon is the target. Check back later for updates on the PoV competition.

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