'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: Rachel's Week 4 Nominations
'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: Rachel's Week 4 Nominations
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This week on Big Brother 12 we have two HoHs: Rachel and Brendon, collectively known as Brenchel. While Rachel is the one who actually won, ever since her HoH victory all she can say is that "we won" and talk about "our room." Gee, I can't imagine why people would perceive them as a threat and want them out.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains the nominees for this week.

Rachel nominated Kristen ad Hayden.


At least she's predictable. While Matt tried to play an elaborate game that, in the end, seemed to work out for him, Rachel is a lot simpler, nominating the two people she has the biggest beef with.

However, she still made it all about her, crying afterward about how she will look like the villain. In addition, Brendon is angry with her for her speech, so prepare for a week that plays like a reality version of the Saturday Night Live sketch about the Needlers, the couple who should get divorced.

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Live feeds know that the nomination was preceded by each HG going up to the HoH room and having to kiss the rings of Brenchel. Together the power couple strong-armed and manipulated people as best they could, wanting them to throw each other under the bus and making Enzo swear on his family's life that he won't put them up next week if he wins HoH.

This is always what happens on Big Brother. Someone, or some group of people, start applying their own moral authority in the house, getting an inflated ego and thinking that anyone who doesn't play by their rules is a terrible person. Rachel especially is mean, cruel, emotionally unstable given her mood swings and chronic drinking, and she has hysterical delusions.

Rachel seems genuine when she claims that she doesn't understand why everyone wants her and Brendon out of the house. That makes her both an idiot and slightly pathetic, because it's every obvious. Of the six individual competitions this season, Brenchel has won four of them. They win everything, they're an unbreakable pair and that makes them a huge threat. In Big Brother, you don't evict the floaters, you evict anyone standing between you and victory.

It's so simple a five-year-old could understand it, yet these two alleged scientists don't have a clue why everyone is targeting them. It isn't because they hate Rachel (though they do) and it's not because they want to get in between her and her man (though anyone looking out for Brendon's well-being would definitely try to save him from her). The reason they want Rachel and Brendon gone is because they're strong competitors.

Now that it's out of my system, we can look to the rest of the week. If nominations stay the same, Kristen is definitely gone, which is good for Brenchel and good for the Brigade. This is exactly why I love the Brigade. They haven't accomplished anything strategic in this house, yet they're still alive, none of them are huge targets and their alliance is still a secret. It's amazing how one alliance can have so much good luck piled on top of so much bad luck.

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