Big Brother 11: Who Has the Best Strategy?
Big Brother 11: Who Has the Best Strategy?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The final four on Big Brother 11 are, in my estimation, one of the weakest groups the show has ever seen.  HGs like Jordan, Natalie and Kevin have skated by for most of the season by avoiding the spotlight or hiding behind stronger players.

Of 18 HoH or PoV competitions so far, the final four have one nine of them.  Compare that to this time last season when the final four won 13 of the first 18 competitions.  Last season also had a more equal distribution, with Jerry and Dan each winning four, Keesha winning three and Memphis winning two.  This season, we have Michelle at four, Jordan and Kevin at two, and Natalie at one.

My overall point is that many of these HGs never had to win to save themselves other than Michele.  Both Kevin and Michelle have never been seated in the nomination chair during a live eviction episode.  Jordan and Natalie went up many times, but always against a stronger (or in some instances, crazier) player.

With that in mind, let's examine the strategies that have gotten the final four this far and see who really played the best game.

Natalie' Strategy: Be Underestimated
Natalie has claimed to be playing a variation of Dan's winning strategy, making everyone think she's a weak player.  Indeed, last night was her first victory, and it was in a totally random guessing competition.  But is it possible to last this long playing a strategy, or are we underestimating her the proper amount?

From the start, let's look at the 18 issue.  It turns out more HGs are buying this than I thought, which just makes me very, very sad for them.  She's obviously not 18, as they should guess by her drinking alcohol in the house.  Do the other HGs really think the producers would let an underage contestant drink on live feeds?

Much like Ronnie, she thinks she's a brilliant manipulator, tricking everyone in the house into doing exactly what she wants.  But she's not nearly that clever, and worse, though she thinks she has no blood on her hands, she just can't see the spot yet.

Jordan's Strategy: Hide Behind Jeff
Perhaps this is unfair, but from week one, Jordan has been standing in Jeff's shadow.  She let him do his thing, protecting her all along.  The problem is that I have no idea if this was a strategy or just her being her.

Is Jordan really the southern bumpkin who can't read a clock or identify a nectarine?  Or did she know what she was doing all along?  Since I've seen little to no evidence to support such a claim, I can only assume she is exactly what she seems.

Kevin's Strategy: Avoid Doing Anything
Throughout the game, Kevin's primary strategy has been to stay on the periphery and keep out of harms way.  In confessionals, he's constantly worried about being a target.  When he won the PoV, he refused to use it on his BFF Lydia primarily because he didn't want to do anything that might make him appear to be playing the game.

Maybe some of you can admire this, but I can't.  I see no glory or honor in actively avoiding the game.  He tried to blend into the scenery and make himself invisible.  For the most part it worked, as he was never even nominated until last week, but in my mind, the winner of Big Brother should get half a million dollars for playing the best game, not for not playing the game at all.

Michele's Strategy: The Wild Card
To be honest, I have no idea what Michele's strategy is.  She sided with Jeff and Jordan early on, but she never seemed fully committed to them.  She joined the final four alliance with Jeff, Jordan and Russell, but again, she seemed not very into it.  Kevin correctly pointed it out this week: nobody has any idea what Michele is thinking or what side she's on.

The more I think about it, the more I kind of love it.  People sort of trusted her because she gave them no reason not to, but at the same time, she also gave them no reason to trust her.  Also, she's been nominated twice, and both times she won the PoV, which is impressive and suggests that, despite winning more challenges than any other HG this season, maybe she was the one sandbagging it.

In the final judgment, a few things are clear.  If any of these four deserves to win, it's Michele.  If anyone deserves to definitely NOT win, it's Kevin.  And Jordan and Natalie have both been hidden for so long that, in these final weeks, they need to stand up on their own and prove that they were more than just lucky to make it this far.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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