Big Brother 11: The Great Fall of Chima
Big Brother 11: The Great Fall of Chima
At some point in the game, Chima was actually a likeable houseguest.  Wait, what am I saying?  We're relieved that this crazy chia pet is out of the house, but we worry that she's back on the streets and ready to pounce.  It was safer for us all when she was stuck in Big Brother territory.  Thank you, Allison Grodner, for letting this rabid hamster loose.

Anyway, let's take a look back on what Chima's done in the house.  It's not exactly a tribute article, since the point of this is to make fun of her from time to time.  She's a strong woman, as she's proven time and again; we bet she can take a little ribbing.

So Chima's been kicked out for drowning a $4000 microphone in the hot tub and repeatedly ignoring the voice of God/Big Brother.  CBS also said she's been booted for multiple violations of rules.  Hmm, I wonder what those are.  Could they possibly include:

Bleeping to Break the Braden
She's no bleating goat, but the first episode was already an eye-opener into the character of Chima.  During the live eviction, her save-me speech consisted of curse words ready to fly through the roof.  It was very admirable on her part, and it didn't exactly make us hate her for it.  Not yet.

Shooting the Shotgun
After days of flirting with Russell and even thinking of sleeping with the guy, Chima explodes on him.  She couldn't take the rejection, threw out the most racist of insults, and basically just shot him down and made him look like the bad guy.  She may have called Braden a bigot, but this girl showed just how much of a hypocrite she can become.

Chima called Russell a Muslim terrorist, referring to herself as the Twin Towers and she just wouldn't shut up.  There's a line between being outspoken and just plain stupid about what you say, and well, this girl just skipped right through that line.  Those lips are a lethal weapon.

Threatening the Producers and Just Quitting
Well, she asked for it.  When things didn't go her way, Chima went for the brat attack before she started being indifferent to the whole game.  That's one diva out the door at last and the Chima Drama has wrapped up.  The least she could've done was treat us to a goodbye cackle.  Or not.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
 (Image Courtesy of CBS)