Big Brother 11: The Dawn of the Coattail Riders
Big Brother 11: The Dawn of the Coattail Riders
For this season of Big Brother, it looks like the floaters got their game on.  Obviously the Final Three are composed of players who hardly did anything but let other HGs carry them forward.  Since that seems to have worked, could it be considered good game play?

Now I haven't really watched the previous seasons of Big Brother to know if this strategy is worthy of praise.  But seeing how far it's gotten Kevin, Jordan and Natalie now, the plan of going under the radar and letting others do your dirty work for you somehow makes sense.

Before any of you start attacking me for actually commending these three, let me just say I have very little respect for them as people.  I've berated Natalie in the past and even questioned what was housed in Jordan's skull.  As players in the game, however, I think I can see where they're going.  Even I can appreciate good treachery, no matter how bad that sounds.

Anyway, they've conned and lied their way to the top, and have become even worse villains than Ronnie could ever be.  This Machiavellian ploy was probably what the Rat was hoping for, only he didn't succeed at it since he tried it too early.

This might not exactly apply to Jordan, unless you really think she's only putting on the dumb blonde act.  It's possible she's just hiding her brains somewhere, since she was suddenly on fire during the second part of the final HoH competition.  Other than that, her plan was to stay behind Jeff all the way.  She was using others for her own benefit, and typical gentleman Jeff was happy to oblige.  See where that got him.

As for Natalie and Kevin, they've simply waited for the right time to unveil their evil plots.  When their alliance with Jessie ended and they had no other choice, they started their own game.  Striking at the right moment, they blatantly lied to Jeff, who believed them, which eventually led to his downfall.  Even the all-star Big Brother HGs acknowledged how impressive the move was.

We can't really deny that this season's Final Three are pretty weak players, being floaters and all.  But maybe making oneself appear weak is a strong strategy.  They stayed in the sidelines and kept their hands free of blood, letting the others duke it out and target one another.  Look where they are now.

I can't exactly say I'm rooting for any of these guys, but what else can we do?  We've got Kevin, Jordan and Natalie left.   Maybe it isn't so bad to ride another person's coattails, just as long as it gets you closer to the prize.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image Courtesy of CBS)