'Big Brother 11' Live Thoughts: The Third HG Evicted Is...
'Big Brother 11' Live Thoughts: The Third HG Evicted Is...
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Big Brother 11 is ready to say goodbye to another HG, and sadly, it's probably going to be the big guy in the banana suit/  But more importantly, who will become the new HoH?  And what is this big, game-changing twist the producers are promising?  If it's just the dissolution of the cliques, that will be hella lame.

The Chenster is looking as pregnant as ever, and her hair has that "just out of bed" look.  After the veto meeting, the banana is outraged that Ronnie isn't on the block, and even more annoying is Ronnie's excitement.

Jeff is flabbergasted and doesn't know what's happening in this nuthouse.  Casey, Jordan and Jeff have a pity party outside, because other than marvel at the stupidity of Jessie, there's nothing more they can do.

Lydia goes psycho by watching Jessie sleep and pretending that he's dreaming about unicorns or motorcycles or her/  She also hopes he never makes her mad, because she could do some bad things to him in his sleep.  Oh my God, Lydia just outed herself as that chick from Fatal Attraction.  SHE WILL NOT BE IGNORED, JESSIE!

Casey's campaign strategy is to start with Kevin, who agrees that if Casey can get three other votes, he and Lydia will side with him.  Casey tries his hardest to win over Russell by explaining that Russell is the fourth man in his alliance, and that Jessie and Natalie will look out for each other and not him.

Casey makes very logical points, which means it won't work.  Big Brother is like Alice in Wonderland, where logic and reason are upside down.

It's showmance time with Jeff and Jordan.  It also sends us to our first family interviews, where Jordan's mom and grandpa are as deep-south as she is.  Jeff's family is much more calm and normal, and photos of him as a strapping young man prove that Jeff is every bit the All-American Alpha Male he acts like.  That dude is as American as apple pie, he's what you think of when you picture the classic American man.

Julie chats with the HGs and Ronnie says some crap about honesty and actions.  Julie then tries to stir up the Jessie-Lydia-Natalie love triangle, and the HGs are way too smart to give in and tell Julie what she wants to hear.  Come on, just open that scab and own the fact that you're two pathetic women fighting over a big dumb-ass bodybuilder.

Julie then has another one-on-one with HoH Jessie.  She asks him about Natalie and Lydia, and he acts like it's nothing of substance.  Ugh, stop lying, it's not going to make you look any smarter.  I just want to punch the TV during this whole segment.  Julie asks him who he'd like to be stranded on an island with, Natalie or Lydia, and when he pleads the fifth, even Julie says, "LAME!"

Seriously, she actually said "LAME," and it was awesome.

Eviction Vote!

Casey knows he's going, so he calls Ronnie a "dork-opotamus with a God complex" and says Jessie has the IQ of a banana.  Wow, the nominee speeches this season are pretty great.

Jeff votes to evict...CASEY.
Ronnie votes to evict...CASEY.  He takes this time to call Casey a hypocrite, which is dumb and makes me hate that dork-opotamus even more.  Casey spoke nothing but the truth.
Natalie votes to evict...CASEY.
Chima votes to evict...CASEY.
Russell votes to evict...JORDAN.  Yay!!!
Michele votes to evict...CASEY.
Lydia votes to evict...CASEY.
Kevin votes to evict...Casey.

Well, that does it and Casey is evicted.  It's pathetic that Kevin and Lydia were convinced to vote AGAINST their clique-mate.

Casey calls out Jessie for going against his word, and Natalie tries to turn it back on him, but the thing is, Casey didn't go back on his word first, or at all.  In his post-eviction interview, Casey is honest and open about what happened and who these people were.  Russell apologizes for not being able to rally enough votes, even though he liked Casey's idea.  Ronnie is annoying as always, and Michele, Jordan and Jeff are all nice and sweet.

Julie gathers the remaining HGs to tell them that the cliques are done.  However, there's another twist, because one HG will be given a mystery power that can be used during the next two weeks.  America will vote for who gets this secret power.

Julie then tells us that the power is the Coup d'Etat.  What is this power?  Well, during one of the next two weeks, right before the live eviction, the winner can decide to change one or both of the nominations.

Holy crap, that is a freaking HUUUUUUGE twist.  This could get crazy, mostly because I see no way Jeff doesn't win it.  I'm almost offended because this is the most power anyone has ever had in this game.

Head of Household Competition!

Uh oh, it's an endurance competition.  Everyone hangs and the last person left is the HoH.To make things more interesting, the first five people to fall get a prize, one of which is $5,000.A giant foam diploma is brought out to pound the HGs into submission.

And that's the end of the show, so stay tuned to BuddyTV all night long to follow the HoH competition.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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