'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Prank Before the Plank
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Prank Before the Plank
Kevin and Natalie have not given up on pulling pranks, making Jeff's last night in the house memorable.  Well, not really, since he's given up on the game and he just doesn't care what antics the other two get involved in.  They're seriously just making us hate them more.

For the night, The Lonesome Ranger Duo are trying to target Michele's emotions so she'd be distracted for the HoH competition.  It seemed to have worked since it was Natalie who won.  Anyway, she reasons out that the jokes are all to lighten the mood of the house.  Please, even The Joker wouldn't approve of their silly games.

The prankers start off by putting a rubber band around the sink's sprayer, knowing how Michele was going to do dishes at the time.  She got sprayed on the face and got her head soaked, but she managed to laugh it off.

Then again, her suspicious bipolar tendencies seem to have crept up again.  She looked as though another meltdown might befall her.  She tried getting into the Diary Room to vent, but it was occupied by either Jeff or Jordan.  Michele just ended up roaming the house, lost in thought.  Was she thinking of a way to get revenge?  Well, the best one would be to win PoV next week though.

Later on, Natalie admits to pulling the prank.  After giggling madly like a schoolgirl upon seeing Michele, you'd think it was over.  It doesn't stop there though.  She and Kevin put saran wrap on the toilet seat as Jeff heads to the bathroom.  He just tore it off, did his business and walked away.

When he exited the room, Natalie resumes her lying and tries to pin the prank on Michele.

Natalie: It was Michele.  Not us.  Just so you know.
Jeff: I don't give a f*ck.

Michele ends up telling Jeff and Jordan about what happened.  "You got got," Jeff tells her, then reminds her not to get aggravated even when she wanted to curse the other two to hell.  They try thinking up ways how to get back at Natalie and Kevin, and there's one suggestion you just can't forget.

Jeff said he wanted to remove a step on the staircase leading to the HoH room and put knives under it.  Well it's nasty, but don't Natalie and Kevin deserve it?  Okay, maybe just Natalie.  It would've been a nice goodbye gesture if Jeff pulled it off. Oh well.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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