'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: It Comes Down to the Hula
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: It Comes Down to the Hula
What to do when you're on the block?  Daydream.  Well, it's another thrilling turn of events for this week on Big Brother, more so if you've read the recent spoilers.  If not, you're probably one of those space aliens Jordan saw in the kitchen mirror.

Kevin's HoH and you all probably know who he put up for eviction.  Thursday's ages away, but we got you covered.  See who he nominated here, who won the PoV, and who's against each other on the block.  There's very little hope for a real game on the show now, so it'd be great for the HGs (and all of us) to take it easy.

So it's Jeff and Jordan pitted against one another for eviction, and it's not a pretty scene.  There was a pity party galore with glasses of wine for Jeff, and his lady is all ready to throw the competition for him.  She's trying to get the others to vote his way.  It's a futile attempt, but you have to admit it's kind of sweet on her part.

"I will convince people to vote for you," she says.  Okay, Jordan's becoming too much of a lapdog, as Russell pointed out.  She says she'll tell the others to vote to keep Jeff during her eviction speech and will campaign for him to stay.

Hmm, this could be good karma for him since he threw an HoH comp for her.  Still, gentleman Jeff can't accept the offer.

They're alone in the backyard discussing scenarios, and the best one they've come up with is going to Hawaii.  As we all know, Jeff won one in a previous competition, so he doesn't care what happens to the game now since he has that.

He still tries to get Jordan to go, and she tells him that if he wins, he has to get her a pair of earrings and bring her to Hawaii.  She wants a pinky swear for the trip and the jewelry, but Jeff says it's only if he wins first place in Big Brother.  That's sad because his chances are slim.

Moving on, Jeff refuses to pinky swear but he will if they do it in Hawaii.  Of course he means "booger," in Jordo's own terms.  Since she still won't agree, he finally admits defeat and proclaims: "I'm getting me a hula whore!"

All the talk of leaving has made them hungry (obviously there's not much to report on the live feeds tonight so I'm sticking with this).  Jeff starts his obsession with "tooona" again, and the two playfully bicker about the fish.  He ends up munching the leftover fajitas he made, wondering who made them taste so good and forgetting it was his own cooking.

There are more crazy antics between Jeff and Jordan, actually.  They just lie there and watch their pupils dilate.  Surely this indicates physical attraction between them and not junkie behavior, as I've learned from CBS' The Big Bang Theory.  Thank you, Leslie Winkle.

Again, Jordan gets too excited, as we all expected her to.  The two of them keep cracking jokes, until they ride their way to the depression train again.  Later they lie down in the Splish Splash room, where Jeff tells her his armpits smell like fabric softener.  Again, don't blame me.  There is seriously nothing important happening.

Sleeping too much now that they're on the block, Jeff tells Jordan that he feels like Rumpelstiltskin.  My guess is that he's referring to Rip Van Winkle, but once again he's somehow proven he's a perfect match for Jordan.  They better take that Hawaii trip together.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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