'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Fiiiiight!
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Fiiiiight!
But still no bloodshed.  Russell and Jeff are at it again, and the live feeds are exploding with raw emotions once again.  More yelling, more bravado, and yet these guys never come to blows.  They back down because of the rules, which really sucks because I wanted to see them beating the pulp out of each other.  The most we get, surprisingly, is Jordan, who has the nerve to step over the line a bit.

It's early morning in the backyard and there's no better way to wake the HGs up than to start a yelling match.  The Shotgun still can't accept that he's on the block and that everyone's against him, so he begins another round of arguments with Jeff.

"How long are you going to be a f*ck-up for?" Russell yells.  "You work so many jobs; you talk a good game but never follow through.  Know how I know someone's scared of me?  They shake when they look at me!"

He throws even more insults to the guy, then brings up the Technotronics issue again.  There's plenty of f-bombs being dropped, show us how Russell really is starting to out-diva Chima.  Unfortunately, Jeff is being too rational and just shrugs things off.  Is he pulling a Braden?

"You're nothing but a f*cking tool," the Shotgun continues.  "No wonder America gave it [the Coup D'etat] to you, they felt sorry for you.  Let's give it to the guy who's getting reamed by everyone!"

You have to admit; he has a point.  Jeff did become sort of pathetic back then, earning everyone's sympathy.  But he did stand up for himself eventually, unlike now.  All that power in his head and he has a minion to fight his battles for him.  He didn't ask for it, but here she is.

Jordan steps in and starts screaming her head off.  "I swear to god if I wasn't in this house I would f*cking hit you!  I would!  I would!  You're just so pissed off because you're going home tomorrow!"

To which Russell replies by mocking her.  He does a Jordo-voice and goes: "Just stay calm Jeff, I'll fight this for you Jeff!"

Then, Jordan braves the insults and cries out five special words worth capturing in caps-lock.  "I'M NOT SCARED OF YOU!!!"  This leads to the climactic moment, as she runs right up to Russell and chest-bumps him.  She actually does!  And I suddenly have more respect for this girl than ever.

Russell backed away, appalled, but the fight obviously isn't over.  Jeff tells Jordan to stay away, and then faces the Shotgun.  "My battle with you is done dude.  You're going home."  Well, mister, you haven't won the war.

The Wizard's opponent then says, as a final word: "My battle with you ain't done; it's done when we get out of here.  You watch out, dude."

I'd love to wrap up the story right there, but the guys aren't even through yet. There are several more paragraphs of insults ahead, and the conversation just goes around in circles that it's hardly worth writing.

If the whole episode needed an epilogue, it'd be Jordan crying and Russell drowning his bitterness in a garlic steak.  Jeff, meanwhile, just starts avoiding the issues as usual as he locks himself up in the HoH room.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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