'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: P for Positivity?
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: P for Positivity?
One has to wade through waves of boredom on the live feeds, as the number of Big Brother houseguests is dwindling.  Even though the pressure is supposed to be stressing out the hamsters now, it seems as though they still manage to have several dull moments in the house.  Still, the few gems of excitement remain, and today it's the ability of the guys to stay positive.

Jeff has been trying his best to use this strategy in the game, telling himself that visualizing happy thoughts would really enable them to happen.  Unfortunately, his problems with Russell have overtaken him and it looks like the P in his positive aura is starting to stand for "pissed off."  It's now up to Jordan to keep the sunshine in the Sunshine Crew, or what's left of that alliance anyway.

The Wizard's so-called lapdog (how about that, the guy's got a familiar now) tries to reassure him that he's ten-times a better person than the Shotgun will ever be.  Jordan tells him to filter Russell's words, letting them go in from one ear and out the other.  It may work for her, but Jeff's paranoid brain is getting in the way of that method.

After she compliments him endlessly about his good game, Jordan gets to hear HoH Jeff rant some more.  He says he wants to "stop having a pity party" and simply "bash [Russell's] face right the f*ck in."

Still, Jordan consoles him by pointing out that America probably hates Russell more than Jeff and that the country would love to see the Shotgun gone.  "Me and you are both still here," she goes on. S he tells him to take it one day at a time and stay focused.  She then attempts to distract the guy by starting the counting game.

Over the past weeks, Jeff and Jordan have begun memorizing numbers.  They're counting things in the house for a future competition, which would make more sense if it wasn't Jordan who thought of it.  Anyway, she starts going, "Eight pillows in the bathroom, 25 in the Green Room, 17 or 19 outside."  They've also counted 446 cylinders, finally answering the question of what's inside Jordo's head.

In the end, she tells him not to do anything stupid the next day.  Jordan thinks Russell might provoke Jeff, and they just bash the Shotgun for good fun.  "Dude, you have no friends," Jeff says to an imaginary houseguest.  "You are a loser and a liar and there is a reason why you don't have any friends!"

More of the pep talk goes on, as Jordan plans on making it to the final two and winning.  Once than happens, she's hoping for an island vacation with their friends, complete with tiki huts and the snorkeling experience.

"Good things happen to good people," she finishes off.  Obviously she's no believer in Murphy's Law, but let's keep the good vibes rolling instead.

It seems to work, as Jeff goes off listing his favorite things to Jordan, "You, the pool vacuum, the garden and the shampoo.  I like all those things.  The pool vacuum is my favorite--no, you are my favorite and then the vacuum."

But the pessimism really brings you down in the Big Brother house.  Reality finally dawns on the Wizard.  "I've made big moves and I hope that it pays off for me and not for someone else.  I'm having a bitter party!"

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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