'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: And Another Alliance Gets A-shaking
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: And Another Alliance Gets A-shaking
Just when we all thought the Sunshine Crew lived up to its name, dark shadows have been cast upon it.  Along with all the paranoia plaguing the Big Brother house is the usual doubt and distrust among the hamsters.  It looks as though the die is cast on the fates of Michele and Russell, as they move farther and farther away from their alliance.

There are only six people left on this season, and pairing up seems to be the trend.  There's Natalie and Kevin scheming, then the PhD and the Shotgun, and all of them are trying to get good with J&J, who have all the power.  Unfortunately, it's the former duo that seems to be succeeding.
Natalie and Kevin know that they still have a chance to be taken off the block, especially with HoH Jeff thinking about backdooring Russell.  They've been spending too much time sucking up to the guy, promising that he won't be their target.  Bogus.  Behind his back, they're planning on breaking their word and putting up Michele and Jordan.  Kevin even goes on to say that they have to play as though they're weak, dumb and desperate.  Sort of like the Jordan strategy.

As for Russell and Michele, they're well aware that they'll soon get screwed.  "We're all getting played and can't do anything about it," the Shotgun exclaimed.  Their supposed friendship with J&J won't be able to save them now, with Natalie and Kevin dominating the HoH's time.

Upset at how their former enemies are now playing the good guys, Russell accuses them of being fake.  No one but Michele understands, as Jeff and Jordan are too busy falling for the trap.  They're acting differently from what they used to, proving once again how much power can corrupt.

"I can read Jordan, and Jordan isn't being normal," Russell went on.  Apparently, the girl was a bit standoffish towards him and Michele.  Tension's bubbling up among the Sunshine Crew again.  It always seems to stem from Russell's paranoia, doesn't it?

Anyway, Russell started threatening the heavens.  He does admit that it'd be a smart move on Jeff's part to get either him or Michele out, but if he goes through with that, there will be hell.  The Shotgun said that Chima was bad, and yet he can get far worse if they're put on the block.

"If one of us goes up, I will lose it," he told Michele.  After promising to go after Jeff once that happens, Russell also swears to make it rain churros (the Have-Not food) in the house.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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