'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Love in the Time of Paranoia
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Love in the Time of Paranoia
Jeff and Jordan might be getting behind in their Big Brother game play, but the romance is definitely in full swing.  Apparently the Wizard hasn't lost all his powers.  Besides strategizing in their alone time, the guy finally dropped the L-word.  Whether he's serious or not is yet to be seen.

With Jordan being HoH, there are a lot of verdicts to be made as to how this week will push through.  Jessie and Chima are gone, which means the rest of the Other Side is ripe for the picking.  Unfortunately, it seems as though another dark cloud is hovering over the fate of the Sunshine Crew.

Natalie has been trying to get into J&J's good spirits and even managed to make a deal with them yesterday at the live feeds.  If you remember correctly, Jordan's original plan was to get her out next, but that seemed like ages ago.  The new target appears to be Russell.  Again.

Backstabbing in the back yard continues, as the three promised to keep each other safe as long as they get the Shotgun shut out.  Natalie pours on the la-la-lies and tells J&J, "I never disliked you; I just followed the house!" and "I'm not in a number group; I'm by myself!"

Jeff and Jordan, bless their souls, are buying every line.  They make the deal with Natalie, swearing they won't put her up if they win HoH if she does the same.  Wake up, Wizard; you and your mistress are being targeted.

Then again, it all depends on the PoV competition.  "If Russell doesn't win the POV, we're backdooring him," Jordan tells Jeff when they're alone.  He replies, "We're putting all of our eggs in the 'trust Natalie' basket."  Some rotten eggs those are.  But Jeff remains perplexed at the situation.  He still believes the Tae Kwon Do champ is lying to get revenge for Jessie.

"OMG, what if we're getting played?!" Jordan exclaimed.  The lightbulb finally switched on above her head.  She continues to believe that they're making the wrong decision.  Well, they don't even have a final plan yet.

However, there's one big decision Jeff has made, and that's to tell Jordan that he loves her.  "You don't L-O-V-E me; you L-U-V me!" Jordan responds.  He says it again, and they laugh about it.  She tells him they've only known each other for a couple of weeks, then wonder how CBS will edit this scene.

Jordan even thinks that they're boring as a couple.  Anyone care to disagree?  Jeff?  "Do you want to turn it up a notch and get naked?" he asks her.  "Let's spice it up!!!"

Talk then turns to baby names.  Wow, they're moving quickly.  Jordan admits to liking boyish names for girls and Jeff wants girly names for guys.  It's scary how these two really are a perfect pair.  There could be wedding bells on the way, but that won't exactly help their game.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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