'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Melodrama vs. Mood Swings
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Melodrama vs. Mood Swings
Emotions running high in the Big Brother house is essential, just like lies.  On yesterday's live feeds, two hamsters appeared to lose their grip and started acting quite unusual.  It's not the electrodes to the brain kind though.  While we can expect tears and jeers from many houseguests, we didn't think it'd be Jeff who'd be vulnerable to it.

Remember when the Wizard was more laid-back and amusing?  Well, those days are over.  He's getting more and more strategic as the days go by, with the current HoH being who she is and all.  He's also getting more paranoid, which isn't as fun to watch.  Oh, if only he'd goof off more. Too late.

Since Kevin planted the seed of suspicion in Jeff's brain, the guy started talking serious game with Jordan.  The two kept trying to figure things out, wondering who to target next.  It comes down to either Russell or Natalie, but it seems as though Michele's on their radar as well.

Jeff and Jordan don't think it's Kevin who's lying, which is bad bad bad.  They believe it's the Shotgun or the PhD, so that alliance is certainly crumbling.  I hate to say it, but the plans of the Other Side seem to be working pretty well.

"I'm gonna find  out who's lying - Michele or Russell," he tells her.  "When I win the POV, I'm gonna find out. We'll bring them both up here, tell them no yelling and nobody runs away.  Did you say this?  Did you say that?  If Michele says 'No it didn't happen like that! I don't remember that!', then Michele is lying.  We can't fly off the handle."

The plans of getting Natalie out seem forgotten already.  As he's playing pool with Russell, the Shotgun asks Jeff if he know where Michele was. He simply answers, "I don't care," and he wasn't even joking about it.

Natalie also tries to work on J&J, hoping to get on their good side while still making them worry.  Well, these two have plenty to worry about already; they just don't know it yet.  Russell promised Michele that she can trust him (what?!) and that he'll even go back on his word to Jeff.  And we thought the guy was proud of keeping his promises.  Step in, Betrayal, you're always welcome here.

Russell tells Michele that he really wants to be the final four to consist of J&J and them, but one wrong move from Jeff and it's over.  The Shotgun swears to her that if anything does go awry, he'd tell her immediately.

Later in the day, however, Michele could no longer hold back.  She ends up alone in the HoH room in tears and yelling "It's f*cking hard when he's so f*ckin'g paranoid!"  We can only assume that she's referring to Jeff, who went from All-American Nice Guy to Cold and Careless.  Oh well, we couldn't keep liking him all the time.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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