'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Shots to a Shotgun
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Shots to a Shotgun
Oh, the wonders of Big Brother alcohol.  Of all the people in the house to get a good buzz out of it, it had to be Russell.  He's currently the biggest target this week, thanks to HoH Chima, so it looks as though he decided to drown himself in beer.  Five bottles of that and some Merlot later, we get a giggly Shotgun.

Now there are numerous types of drunks, classifiable into certain categories.  Russell thinks of himself as a "happy drunk," and definitely shows a lighter side to him.  There's very little rage in the guy, and you could swear it's not the same person.

Lucky for him, he was around his bestie Jeff when this happened.  If Chima was there, she'd probably squeeze the Shotgun dry of his secrets.  Anyway, Russell was playing pool with the Wizard outside.  He gets all giddy and spews out random sentences.  Some of them, however, concern the game.

Jeff jokingly tells Russell that he's jealous of how drunk his friend is, hoping he wasn't a Have Not that week.  "Next week give me some alcohol.  A lot!" he tells a slurry Russell (say that ten times quick!).

Soon, the Shotgun starts to open up.  "Ask me anything you want!" he proclaims to Jeff, who's nice enough to decline and say he wouldn't dare take advantage.  However, he beats him in pool - 7 to none.

Russell later gets all silly, professing his love for Casey and Braden - platonic, of course.  It's getting boring in the house without them, but this Shotgun is laughing away in his happy land where sobriety is but a ghost.

"Jeff is my new best friend!  He's cool as hell!" Russell declares, eating up his heated cookie dough.  He later discusses the snack with Jordan, who likes her cookie dough cold.

After more crazy antics, he ends up talking game with Jeff and Jordan.  "If you stay, we run this sh*t!" Thus spoke the Wizard.  He's really trying to get Russell on his side, if he isn't already.

"If I come on your f*cking side, they will be sh*tting bricks!" Russell goes on.  He also believes that Jeff will be "f*cking scary" once that happens.  Or if he has the magical power, which he totally does, which will completely change the game this week.

Anyway, Russell starts bashing Chima the Chia Pet and referring to himself in the third person.  "Ronnie was better than Russell in this game," he says.  "I want to win at any cost!"

Jeff tries his best to level with him, saying "You need people to get by in this game.  By putting your cards out there, you make yourself more of a target."  The Shotgun still seems unable to comprehend it all, so he turns to Jordan.

"I hope you take second," Russell tells her.  "I really want you at the end with Jeff."  Jordan says she appreciates it, but in the end, he confesses.  One of the Shotgun's best-kept secrets was just thrown right out there: "I was the one who voted for Casey!"

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image Courtesy of CBS)