'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: The Battle Between the Tattooed Lady and the Blackanese Gay Guy
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: The Battle Between the Tattooed Lady and the Blackanese Gay Guy
The tension finally erupted between Lydia and Kevin, who have been BFFs since the premiere of this season of Big Brother.  Over the weekend, these two got on each other's nerves and started a yelling match.  Does that mean there will no longer be a Duckie to her Andie?

Since the argument concerns the PoV competition, here be an alert to you, wary audiences.  Possible spoilers below!

The Tattooed Lady and the Blackanese graphic designer are trying to chill in the recycle room, but the cold suddenly gets a warm spell.  As they discuss game, the topic falls on Kevin winning the PoV competition.  With Lydia on the block, everyone thinks he'll use it on her.  Unfortunately, he has other things on his mind.  Like, not using PoV.

Lydia begins with, "I'm sorry Kevin, that you won the POV, that you've never been nominated, that you aren't going to use the POV on me, that I'd use it on you, but..."  And Kevin cuts her off with an "Ugh."  He then goes to explain the situation with HoH Chima.  Her Highness doesn't want someone from their alliance to go up as a replacement nominee, and Kevin has no choice but to obey.

A very upset Lydia tells him she's tired of being nominated over and over again, as this is her third time.  Her anger escalates, and Kevin tries to brush her off by telling her to talk to Chima.  She refuses and starts whining about the HoH calling her names.

Talk turns to Lydia discussing things with Russell, who is on the block with her.  Kevin's agitated because she keeps giving the Shotgun information about the PoV.  She always talks game with everyone else while Kevin has to hang around to watch her back.  Still, she claims that he keeps on ignoring her.  "I am?!" Kevin asks.  We're on his side on this, and oh, get over yourself, Lydia.

"Who followed you into the bathroom?  Who hugged you?  Who else has been there for you?" Kevin yells.  "You totally threw me under the bus.  The one person who actually wants you to stay, the one person who's looking out for you!"

So begins Lydia's self-pity rant, which we've all heard enough of.  Kevin accuses her of portraying herself as a martyr, befriending people who have already screwed her over.  (Hint: Jessie.)

"You forgive people who ultimately screw you but the people who are actually looking out for you you're like whatever!" Kevin says.  He's right, of course.  Anyway, the two of them go at it for a long time, making it more difficult to watch.  In the end, Lydia tells him she's done.  He can do whatever he wants and that he doesn't have to look out for her anymore.

"You insult my intelligence," she proclaims.  "You think what I say comes from someone else's mouth not my own.  You're better friends with people in this house that gets to make decisions."

Kevin maintains that he has to do that, because talking to the HoH is what you do in the game when someone wins HoH.  "It's not rocket science!" he tells her.

"Do what you want to do, don't talk to me tomorrow, or Monday or Tuesday, or Wednesday and Thursday," the Tattooed Lady says.  "We'll see if I'm still here."

It doesn't quite end just like that, there's a cliffhanger on the horizon.  Lydia later goes off to Russell and tells him about the whole incident.  He already has everyone in the house mad at him, so this little tryst is very peculiar.  The Shotgun declares that all players in the game only look out for themselves, so she shouldn't rely on Kevin.

"I don't like it when people use the friend card.  Everyone wants the money," Russell advises her.  "I don't care who you are, I want the money."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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