'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Trash Talk and The Mystery of the Red Suitcase
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Trash Talk and The Mystery of the Red Suitcase
(Heads up, this all happened before the elimination and the HoH competition.)  It was a quiet night in the Big Brother 11 house and not a creature stirred, because the unsuspecting houseguests were all busy toying with garbage.  We're not expecting much from them now though, aside from their usual jokes and strategizing on the side.  That is, if you don't count Banana Man's mysterious disappearing suitcase.

I'm actually just trying to make it sound more exciting than it actually is.  The live feeds were boring tonight and there wasn't much else to write about.  Anyway, Casey's red suitcase went missing and he didn't give up looking for it.  Could this be a sign saying he won't be getting eliminated this week?  Probably not.

"How the f*ck does a red suitcase disappear?" Casey yells.  He asks everyone in the house if they'd seen it, but no one could point him to the right direction.  This causes Banana Man to worry about how he'll bring all his stuff on the way out.

Russell tells him he'd have to carry every item. "Everything in your hands!" he suggests to a reluctant Casey.  The other HGs laugh at the Banana's dilemma, but do their best to help.

"I'll look like Steve Martin in The Jerk," Casey jokes.  "I'm not walking out with my shirts rolled in a bag!"

I looked up the 1979 comedy, saw the poster and imagined a banana in place of the bum character.  The image does have the potential to be hilarious, but Casey'd have to pout his way out of the Big Brother house for that to happen.

Moving on, he eventually locates the suitcase and proclaims, "It's bittersweet!" because it means he has to pack to leave.

Meanwhile, trash talk seems to have brought together two enemies - Lydia and Natalie.  They made a pact to get along, once the Tattooed One creates fashionable garbage-bag clothes for the Athlete.  The HGs think they're about to face an endurance competition, so they prepare their armor.

Lydia puts all her effort and creative juices into the task, successfully completing a pair of pants and a hoodie.  Clothing line, here we come.  "I'm gonna make money from these," the Offbeat announces.

When it's done, Natalie walks around wearing it for everyone to see.  While it looks ridiculous on her, the suit's still pretty impressive considering it's made from trash bags.  Chima compliments the model, saying "You make a cute bag lady!" and adds that Natalie looks like Missy Elliot in a music video.

"It's f*cking hot as hell though," Natalie complains.  Big Brother heard, and apparently she's forbidden to wear the garbage suit tonight.  Well, that was fruitful.  

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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