'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Once a Rat...
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Once a Rat...
Ronnie, when will you ever learn?  He may be a champion debater, capable of twisting words like a taffy-puller, but he doesn't quite know how to watch his back.  Sometimes he sounds like those sophists Plato scorned.

Viewers of the live feeds have witnessed how the Brain's trying to pull the same stunt he used before - trying too hard to play everyone on Big Brother 11.  He's currently been lying to everyone again, switching sides and hoping to fool the others.  History isn't exactly repeating itself this time though.  Ronnie's previous falsities were followed by unity among the HGs, but this one's got the house divided.  Oh, rats.

Casey and Russell have been eavesdropping outside the door to the Pool Room, which is occupied by Lydia, Kevin and Ronnie.  The Rat can clearly be heard claiming that he's never lied to anyone, other than his vote in the first week.  This first lie obviously caused the chaotic string of events which resulted in the shady alliances.

Lydia says something about Russell's actions "being calculated" as the Rat keeps denying that he's made "any secret deals with him."  Ronnie even deprecates himself when the Tattooed Lady calls him "a mastermind" and he says he isn't, when we know he's beaming inside.

Ronnie goes on to say that he knows "how to play" Russell, and tells Lydia and Kevin not to worry.  "I'll take him out," he promises.  "I'm not on anyone's team."

Apparently, Shotgun and Banana Man (sounds like a superhero duo) have been listening in on the conversation for about half an hour before Jordan interrupted them to go in the room.  The two cease eavesdropping while Russell runs to the Eco Room, reporting to Jessie and Natalie.

The gist of what Russell heard is: Ronnie's throwing all of them under the bus.  He says the Rat's got the three of them fooled, telling the others that he's made no deals whatsoever.

"He spilled everything!" Russell exclaims.  He also tells the two Athletes how Ronnie said, "The only person I've lied to in the game is Russell."

Back in the Pool Room, Casey confronts the Rat about what he's done.  "You can lie and cheat if you're playing a game!" he tells Ronnie, who merely accepts the statement.

"I'll take it with grace and honor," the Brain responds, but Casey explains that there were no such things at what he's done.  Banana Man bows out, refusing to get into another argument.

Unfortunately for him, it's Lydia who won't back down this time.  She starts yelling at Casey and this goes on for a long time.

Lydia: You have such an aggressive personality!
Casey: I haven't been aggressive enough!

He believes that she's mad because she was caught scheming, so he just leaves to cool off.  "I'm not getting into a shouting match with Lydia, an Insane-o!" he says.

Russell and Casey discuss what they've heard, from Ronnie's hypocrisy and his "no accountability" plans.  They know he's just playing the game, but he'd definitely be "the bad guy" if they were all in "the outside world."

Casey seethes about the Rat and says, "If I was in the real world, I would have grabbed you by the neck and tossed you around this room."

Meanwhile, the NBK (minus the outcasts Lydia and Kevin) are weighing out their options regarding who to trust.  Natalie is still convinced that Ronnie's with them, believing him over Russell.  Jessie is trying to push for a Lydia-Natalie reconciliation, but the Ronnie problem still has them bothered.

"If Ronnie is back to his old ways," Jessie says, they could be getting the "sh*t end of the stick."

Later in the day, we are once again given the chance to watch a Russell/Ronnie battle.  They go face to face in the backyard, with the Shotgun doing what he does best: stir up trouble.

Russell: So, you said you can control me?
Ronnie: No, I never said that!
Russell: Are you sure?
Ronnie: I swear to God, I'll put my hand on the Bible.
Russell: You know I'm Catholic, you don't want to be putting your hand on the Bible when you're lying, I take that very seriously
Ronnie: No, I swear I never said that.

Russell continues, "I don't understand why you'd want to go over to Lydia and Kevin's side after we saved you?" but the Rat assures him that all they were talking about was life, not the game.  But we're all aware that their life right now is the game.

Ronnie maintains that their alliance is still in force, even though no one but him is convinced.  Russell heads over to a frustrated Jessie and proclaims, "Did I tell you I dreamt I was going home next week?  Yeah, I dreamt Kevin won HoH."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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