'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Kindergarten Showmances and Banana Suit Prances
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Kindergarten Showmances and Banana Suit Prances
Even though Big Brother 11 is gunning for the high school clique theme, the HGs seem to be acting more like kindergarteners.  The only problem is, they're less fun to watch and they sleep too much.  But besides that, this season has its peculiar share of romantic pairings and a love triangle to boot.  There's also a guy dressed as a banana.

Anyway, there were pranks and racy confessions between couples yesterday, along with a bit of strategizing for some.  Just another typical day in the Big Brother house.

These two are spending more and more time with each other, and who can blame them when they're stuck in one place?  Russell and Chima were spotted getting all cozy in the patio couch and watching the moon.  The Brain's talking about how they played that crazy Truth or Dare game and hopes they didn't put it on TV.  Since she's hoping to be a teacher, she doesn't want her students to find out that she sucked Russell's finger.  Awkward.

Chima keeps telling him that he's stubborn for not getting help, because he apparently has a head injury in the pool a while earlier.  Ronnie believes the Shotgun has a concussion, and we think so too since he keeps hanging out with Chima.  Then again, a Brain and an Athlete getting together isn't so bad.

What's funnier than this: Jessie asking Ronnie what a concussion is.

The inseparable J&J have been plotting their revenge on the rest of the HGs, dreaming of the time one of them will get to be HoH.  You can just imagine Jeff telling her, "It's just you and me against the world!" and cause audiences to erupt in cheers or tears or whatever.

Jeff tells Jordan that no matter what, they're stuck together for all the trouble they've caused, or lack of it.  They badmouth everyone else for some reason, from Michele who's "always moaning and making weird noises" to Russell whose face they want to kick.  The outcast Athlete is determined at winning HoH too so that, at the very least, they'd both make it to jury.

What's funnier than this:
Jeff hangs on to the hope of being HoH and planning to "sleep all day and feel cool for once."  She's already a Popular and he's an Athlete; oh the irony.

Jessie has two girls eating out of the palm of his hand, surprisingly.  Natalie keeps trying to stop him from talking to Lydia entirely, but fails.  It's like she's his wife and the Tattooed Lady is his mistress.  But why anyone would want to come home to a whiny Natalie at the end of the day is beyond me.

Moving on, the Tae Kwon Do champ continues her tirade and tells Jessie, "There's 9 other people you can choose a friend from.  Hang out with ME more!"  The bickering continues and the reigning HoH cuts her off, with a line straight out of the crumbly-marriage books - "Talking to you is like kicking myself in the balls!"

As for Lydia, she continues her bed sessions with Jessie.  They get reeeally cheesy.  Jessie says he's happy, and she tells him that she's happy when he is.  Barf.

Lydia also confesses that she wants to share bubblegum with someone she likes, hinting at him.  Jessie apparently has some, but they might get into trouble if they go through with it.

What's funnier than this: Chima, Ronnie, Natalie and Kevin watch as a giggly Lydia paints Jessie's toenails hot pink while he's sleeping.

Casey/Banana Suit
Casey seems to be getting more and more comfortable in his yellow fruit fashion.  He's living his (possibly) last days in the house, prancing around and making up songs about it.  From his original ditty "Man in a Banana Suit" comes several versions, from reggae to a capella.

We won't be surprised if he releases an album soon.  He's already got the lyrics down pat.  "Maninabananasuit, one time!  Maninabanasuit!  Manainabanasuit, he walks around at night, smoking a cigarette, looking for a light!  Maninabananasuit, one time!"

What's funnier than this: I don't know; the swing remix?  "Maninabanana suit zoot zoot zoot!"

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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