'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: The Offbeats Beat Off the Athletes
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: The Offbeats Beat Off the Athletes
The cliques seem to be coming back with a vengeance, especially now that one of them is gaining too much power.  With Jessie being HoH again, the Athletes (minus Jeff) are obviously taking control of the Big Brother 11 house.  The rest are being targeted, and it looks like they've simply had enough of it.

The replacement nominee has been put up, and if you've read the spoilers, you'd understand why there's no stopping the Offbeats from wanting a shift in power.  We're hoping another mutiny will be held soon.  Or, at least, better strategizing on the parts of the remaining HGs.

Possible spoilers below.

Instead of the original plan of getting Ronnie out of the house, Casey has been put on the block against Jordan.  He knows he can't get the votes since the sweet Southern lass is too likeable, so he's resigned to his fate.  Thanks to that, we're treated to several Offbeat Oldie one-liners, made more hilarious by the notorious banana suit.

"I guess I will go home to my kid, and my hot wife," he said.  "And Ronnie still has a fat wife!"

He also wishes that it wasn't Jordan on the block with him.  "It would be a whole easier if I was up against an a**hole, a liar or a cheat."

"Every dog has his day.  I'm an angry banana and I feel slided!" he exclaimed. This was followed by what is perhaps the most ridiculous statement Casey's ever made: saying that one of his main regrets is not speaking up enough.

Now that one member of their team will surely be going home, the remaining Offbeats Lydia and Kevin have realized that they'll soon be targeted by those in power.  It won't be long until they're chosen next, so the two of them decide to make a deal with the rest.  They've become the NBK outcasts and they're not too happy with the news.  Lydia's also aware that she's not safe with Jessie as long as Natalie's around.

Gathering Michele, Jordan and Jeff, the Offbeats are planning on changing the game.  Finally, we get to see them in action.  That's not counting Lydia in bed with Jessie though.

Anyway, they begin by talking to Michele, who is actually difficult to trust since she keeps switching sides.  Kevin tells her, "I am targeting the athletes because they have 4.  They keep dominating and using us for pawns.  You know how BB is, the pawn goes home.  Only way we can guarantee it is not to be used as a pawn.  If us pawns work together...."

Lydia chimes in and says, "Don't f*ck with the pawns!"  The Offbeats admitted that they don't like being used, so they figure out the numbers.

"If you add 2 more to our 3 and thats 5 against their 4 [since Jessie can't compete for HoH] and two of them go up, the 5 are stronger," Kevin contemplates.  Now, Michele has always been a bit of a shady character.  The two Offbeats realized this early enough, so they decided to approach the dynamic duo of J&J.

Kevin warns Jordan to be careful of what she tells Michele, but they're pretty sure they can all change the game to their favor.  The first step in their plan is to get an Athlete out, and Lydia says she no longer wants that clique to feel safe.  If they continue to win, the rest will just get picked off.

Jordan confronts a skeptical Jeff about the plan, but they both know they need to work with the Offbeats if they want to stay in the game.  The battle for the throne is on, alliances are crumbling, and it looks like things could look up after such a dry spell in this Big Brother season.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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