'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: HoH Goes Bananas and He's Not even Banana Boy
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: HoH Goes Bananas and He's Not even Banana Boy
Those who've read about the recent nominations and the PoV competition are mostly outraged at the decisions made by HoH Jessie.  We're all wondering why in the world he put up Michele and Jordan when they've hardly done a thing to him.  He didn't even explain himself after the keys were given out.

Going over the live feeds, I've come across several discussions regarding the choices made by this bodybuilder so far.  From his general feelings of discomfort and "strategic" usage of pawns, here's why Jessie could turn the acronym HoH to mean Horrendously Oafish Hulk.

Possible spoilers below!

Jessie has put the Braniac Michele and sweet ol' Jordan on the block this week, which is definitely a questionable move.  Everyone was out to eliminate the rat Ronnie, but Jessie chose to keep him safe this week.  Now he's acting smug, much to our dismay.

Over the weekend, Casey has been repeating "I'm sure Jessie's not that stupid!" to those who would listen.  There weren't many, because his statement is obviously flawed on so many levels.

To prove that he really deserved to win the HoH position, Jessie has come up with a plan.  Sort of.  He warned Russell and the rest of NBK not to obligate him to put up people, because he wants to act in a way that benefits the alliance.  Meaning, he wants to serve himself.

Jessie said that he wanted Michele to go first, simply because "it's awkward around her."  He wanted to keep someone who has a personality he can be sure of, certainly not an ambiguous woman with a Ph. D.  Obviously, he's not aware about human beings having layers upon layers of attitude.

Later, Jessie admits that he has no idea why the others want Ronnie out.  Other than lying to everyone, the rat was just playing the game.  Apparently, all this HoH is doing is covering his tracks.  He doesn't want the others mad at him, because he doesn't want blood on his hands.  Very brave, Hulk.

After stressing that Michele and Jordan will merely be pawns, Jessie has been influenced to backdoor Casey.  The proponents of this move: Natalie and Chima.  Lydia also seems to agree with the plan, as he thinks the Offbeat Oldie is always "running his mouth."

Finally, HoH Jessie sets things straight.  He calls up the HGs one by one to his room to ask them two questions: "Why do you want Ronnie gone and how will it benefit you?"

First up was Michele, who maintains that Ronnie is in her team, but she'll go with the plan if it includes getting the guy out.  Jessie tells her that it's not how things will go.  As for Kevin, he tells Jessie that down the line, he sees Ronnie planting a seed of doubt about him and he wants to avoid it.  The two continue to talk game.

Basically, Jessie just wants to hide his real agenda while letting the other HGs do his dirty work.  It's like Pontius Pilate washing his hands before the crucifixion.  Anyway, he explains to Kevin that he's still operating under the previous NBK deal.  If he goes against Ronnie, then he goes against the whole group.

Kevin tries to prove that looking at the NBK discussion as a contract would show that it was made under false pretences since Ronnie lied.  Technically, that would make the contract null and void, enabling the HoH to put the rat on the block.  Jessie cut off the conversation by saying he'd like to hear from the others.

Ronnie then got called up, and he admitted that his loyalty lies with Natalie, Jessie and Chima if she'll have him.  When the reigning HoH guarantees the rat's safety for the week, Ronnie calls Jessie his "brother from another mother" and Natalie his "sister from another mister."

Jeff comes up next, with Jessie talking in circles about the Ronnie situation.  The two athletes continue to be at odds with each other about it, because the HoH just won't tell Jeff the truth.  In other words, Jessie is the new Ronnie.  With mutated muscles.

Other highlights:
Truth or Dare:
Natalie, Chima, Russell, Ronnie, Michele, Kevin were in on the game, and since it looks like no HG is capable of telling the truth, they mostly dare each other.  The insanity included Natalie mooning Lydia as she exited the Diary Room, Ronnie hugging Casey for 10 seconds, and Kevin cuddling a sleeping Jessie for 10 seconds.

Jordan's Tales of the Toilet:
Russell tells everyone how the Popular girl has "pooped in the ocean."  Jordan explained the true story, going on about having "sand spurs" stuck in her bottom and asking her friend to pick them out.

Other than the Jeff and Jordan semi-showmance, and the Lydia-Jessie-Natalie love triangle, there's the unpleasant surprise of Chima and Russell.  They have been flirting and flirting, and touching and snuggling.  It's like the most obnoxious pairing in Big Brother multiplied by ten.  On the couch, they get all mushy and talk about tears and being mean.  Anyone else shuddering out there?

Chima's early birthday:
Natalie and Jessie manage to bake a cake and surprise Chima.  Even those on slop - the Brains - can eat for an hour.  However, they're not allowed to sing Happy Birthday.  Yaaay.

Banana Boy:
As punishment for losing the PoV competition, Casey has been forced to wear the top half of a banana suit 24/7 until Friday at midnight, except during showers and sleep.  The Offbeat says things could be worse, then faces the camera and apologizes to his sons for being fruit.

Lydia: Casey, can you lay in the hammock so we can say.... banana hammock!

Casey: I'm wearing a banana suit, so anything I say I'll blame on the banana suit!

Casey: I'm gonna be one angry banana by Tuesday!
Jeff: We need to paint brown spots on him.

Casey: Hate the game, not the banana!

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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