'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: July 23
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: July 23
The hamsters are having a ball, literally.  Big Brother 11 has provided the HGs with a new toy - a teeter-totter device for them to practice on before HoH competition dawns upon them.  Everyone took turns, with the objective of getting the ball into this basket.

Among the contestants, it seems as though Casey is excelling.  Jordan, Chima, and Laura all miss their turns, but Jeff manages two shots.  Jessie isn't doing too well, but Ronnie is the worst.  He didn't even want to try out the teeter totter.
There are plenty of jokes going around, like Natalie handing Jessie his "blue balls."  Soon though, the contraption is taken away and we're back to semi-normal life in the house.

Keeping up their faux fight, Russell keeps insulting Ronnie.  He comes up with the most obnoxious pranks ever, telling everyone to eat beans and fart in the HoH room.  While we can appreciate a good laugh, the Shotgun seems to have fired his bullet too far.

At one point, Russell starts yelling at the current HoH and says, "Hey Ronnie, coming down for dinner?  Want me to bring you something?  Want some company?  I can come play with your Play-Doh!  I broke your magic wand; that game sucked.  Enjoy your diary room!"

During a lockdown, he keeps up the charade and brings Ronnie a basket overflowing with cheese.  He tells the HGs they were going to have a picnic but he wasn't sure what rats would like.  The act appears to have dumbfounded the rest of the HGs, since they don't seem aware of the Russell-Ronnie pact.  Lydia was suspicious at first, but she doesn't seem to be so much now.

Earlier that day, the HGs go over their game plans. Chima brings forth what we can call a FAIL moment, particularly when they discuss drawing straws.  Russell tells them to just sit down and vote, fighting for the majority rules rule.  After Jessie's speech about everyone getting a chance, freelance journalist Chima blatantly asks, "Do we even have straws?!"

Later she makes her birthday plans, wondering what she should ask Big Brother to get her.  Natalie suggests a "dinner dessert," which includes "fried chicken and cupcakes" but Chima is more into watermelons.  Jessie proposes a bucket of Church's fried chicken but the birthday girl retorts with "That's real niggerish!" before FOTH takes over the feeds.

Nothing much is happening, other than wardrobe consultation for the live show tomorrow, but here are some other highlights:

Those in the dining room were treated to another amusing tale from the ever-charming Jordan.  She discussed all her bad farts, even describing her "brown spots" in excruciating details.

Lydia, Natalie and Jessie head over to the HoH room to talk to Ronnie.  When they part ways, the Brain starts talking to himself again: "I swear to god, if I survive all hell will break loose.  I swear to god!"

Outside the room:
Lydia: It's like we did the underground railroad going up there and coming back down.
Jessie: I felt like James Bond.
Lydia: I felt more like Harriet Tubman.

Casey, Chima, Kevin and Natalie are playing pool, but Michele is doing her best to bust some dance moves.  All of them join in and act like chickens.  Very amusing.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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