'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: July 22
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: July 22
After yesterday's HG revolt, it seems as though things have quieted down in the Big Brother 11 house.  However, by the end of this live feed update, we'll find out that there are quite a handful of rats scurrying around after all.

The contestants are getting bored, and so are we.  Some of them are merely trying to guess what day it is, while others are just lounging around or napping.  Chima sums up our sentiments in the following words: "Why don't they give us something to do if we're the least entertaining cast ever?"

Despite their inescapable ennui, the HGs try their best.  The girls talked Jessie into modeling for them, yelling "banana hammock!" and asking him what type of underwear he uses.  Obviously, we didn't need to know that he wears Speedos.

Meanwhile, the Dumb 5 are talking game.  Jeff believes they'll all self-destruct soon, and Jordan thinks there'll be a big blow up between Natalie and Lydia.  She doesn't know just how right she is, since the two are stuck in a love triangle with Banana Hammock Boy Jessie.

As all of this is happening, Ronnie who still hasn't left his room is up there reading the Bible.  Has the Dark one reformed?  Find out later.  The others, while out on the patio, continue to make jokes at his expense.

Russell: Why is it so quiet?
Casey: Because Ronnie isn't down here scheming.

Casey: If Ronnie tries to talk to us, we yell "Ronnie's trying to talk to me!"

An imaginary lightbulb even flickers on right above Russell's head as he ponders the Ronnie situation on the last PoV competition.  "How do you even get quarters stuck up your ass?"

When Ronnie goes down to get the bottle opener, Russell sticks to his plan of following him around and annoying him.  "Everyone is going to laugh at you!  We want you to go home!  Ratty!" he yells, as the Brain heads back to the HoH room.

The rest of the day, everyone discusses the game and their plan to just draw straws come eviction time.  Unfortunately, it looks as though they won't be able to stick with it.  Natalie keeps saying "Play the game the way it is and let the chips fall where they may!"

Kevin is already targeting the Athletes, hoping that he wins HoH and gets to put two of them on the block.  He just doesn't like the idea of them outnumbering the rest of the cliques, but Chima agrees that that group is a real threat.  Lydia even calls Natalie "Jessie's little barking lap dog."  She's actually just jealous, which is obvious to many of the HGs.

Lydia's little thing for the hulking bodybuilder is apparent to Kevin, but he's also aware of Jessie's feelings for Natalie.  He tells the Athlete about it and gives her "the talk," just like he once did with Lydia.  Yes, Cupid's confusing us all.

Natalie points out that Jessie is her "best friend in this house," but Kevin contradicts her and points out the truth.  "Don't break his heart by acting all cute and sexy."  Then the Tae Kwon Do champ expresses all our reactions in one word: "Really?!"

Jessie and Lydia once again end up in bed together, but all they're doing is having a heart to heart talk.  The Athlete tells her that he felt disrespected when she acted mad at him, and she says "Someone don't like it when he is not the favorite!"

Lydia then tries to persuade him to hold her hand, but he says he doesn't hold girls' hands (what about guys'?).  She then tries to lay on the guilt, which Jessie responds to by telling her to hold his elbow.

The love triangle continues to unfold, as Lydia finds Natalie lying down on Jessie's lap the next morning.  Apparently, her earlier description (lap dog) is more than appropriate.  It seems as though Jordan was right after all. When will we ever see these two fight over Jessie? More importantly, is it worth it?

While the tension is bubbling up on one area of the house, there's plenty of scheming coming from the HoH Room.  The rest of them may not have heard from Ronnie, but - gasp! - Russell has.  He joins the Brain and talks fast, asking him how long they'd have to keep up the ruse.  Russell tells Ronnie that he has his word, and that he'll do his best to win HoH to keep him safe.  These two really are employing the same strategy.

Russell and Ronnie shake hands upon completing their pact, and we now have the ratty alliance on our hands.  When alone, the Brain picks up his Bible once more and shrugs to the camera saying "Deal with the devil."

There might be more members though, because Michele is starting to let her true colors shine through.  Talking to Jeff, she doesn't agree that getting Ronnie out of the house is their goal.  He asks her if there's been talk about keeping Ronnie.

Michele says no and adds, "But actions speak louder than words."  Jeff doesn't get the point of keeping a liar around and she answers: "Not everyone was lied to."

As soon as Jeff leaves, Michele says under her breath "F*ck you, Jeff.  Gonna back-door him."

Cue heavy drumbeats of doom and a major cliffhanger.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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