'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: July 21
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: July 21
Something really worth watching has finally happened on Big Brother 11: a mutiny!  The other HGS have finally seen through all the nerd's lies and soon banded together to revolt against the current HoH Ronnie.  You can't help but applaud the hamsters for sticking up for themselves and rebelling.

Let's see Big Brother history unfold.  Trying to take herself off the block, Laura becomes the catalyst for chaos when she starts campaigning for Russell's vote.  They end up bashing Jessie for being too "star-struck" and talking about how he lied to Ronnie.

It seemed as though Russell is truly turning his back on his alliance, NBK, especially since he was infuriated by Jessie.  The Lovemuscle speaks to Jeff about it later on, and the two are on the same page at last.  They've noticed how Natalie is always kissing up to Jessie and how Ronnie is doing all of Jessie's dirty deeds.

Meanwhile, Laura gets personal with Ronnie by trying to make a deal.  "I think I could be a better ally to you than Jordan," she declares.  She also promises not to come after Ronnie and later sells out her alliance.  It would definitely break up Jeff and Jordan once the other Popular girl is sent home.  "Jeff is playing this game personally, and I think he'll go after you," Laura tells Ronnie.

Soon, the whole house is alive with gossip and at around midnight, chaos ensues.  The HGs are scurrying with Ronnie said this and that, with all of them denying the HoH's lies.  Proving herself to be quite the smart player, Laura got everyone outside to settle things.

They soon catch Ronnie with nothing to say, so he stomped off into his room in anger.  Casey, Laura, Russell, Jordan, Natalie and Jeff remained outside, wondering what would happen next.  It didn't take long before the reigning HoH returned, pointed his finger at Laura and yelled: "You're going home!"

The others couldn't take it anymore, and Russell begins intimidating Ronnie like the brute he is.  Clearly, we're back to the high school memory of jocks targeting the geeks.  

"I'm gonna win POV and you all will see!" Ronnie yells.  Everyone laughs as Russell replies with "We will be gunning for your ass."  The HoH, at a loss for retorts, stormed off to his room and locked the door.

Suddenly, everyone else is getting along and mocking Ronnie for all the lame fabrications he's woven.  Casey and Russell are leading the pack talking smack.

"That Loser brought a picture of a cat and some chick," the Offbeat Oldie says.  "All of his family & friends probably have been saying 'No! No! ahhh! Don't listen to Ronnie!'"

All of them have agreed that they'll send Ronnie home the next week, causing the game to reset.  They apologize to one another for all that was said and come up with a new plan for Big Brother.

With the bountiful hugs and pats on the back that dominated the night, there were also plenty of jokes at Ronnie's expense:

Jeff: Nobody better to listen to any more of his lies or then end up with his cat.

Casey: When he pulls out the names for POV and he doesn't get one, we all turn to him and laugh!

Jeff: We should all run around like were crazy hugging each other and giving each other high fives.

Casey: Tomorrow lets have a f*cking pool party. Man, Braden was right all the time.

Russell: Let's alternate all night, keeping him awake.
Jeff: I'm gonna put cheese in his bed and all over the house.
Russell: If I see him, I'm gonna follow him saying "rat, rat, rat, rat!"

Casey: I'm gonna be a hard ass on him. Going to pound of his door at 6:15am.
Laura: No, we all go in with pots & pans.

Jeff: OK Guys, I'll tell the truth, it was me the entire time. I was the rat!

Casey: Whoever is HOH, check the POV bag to make sure they all don't say Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie.

A little while later, Ronnie comes out and tries to patch things up with Jessie, who tells him: "Man, say it here, buddy, in front of us in public."  The seemingly powerless HoH then heads to the Diary Room instead, and everyone hopes he's quitting.

When the next day came for the HGs, Russell stayed true to his promise and stalked Ronnie throughout the house.  He greeted him with "Morning Rat! Ratatatat!" and even slept on the couch in front of the HoH door waiting for Ronnie to come out.  Every so often, the Lovemuscle would do a victory dance and boast about his latest accomplishment.

Unfortunately for him, everyone else didn't know what was happening and started getting suspicious, particularly Lydia.  She runs over to Kevin and starts assuming that Ronnie and Russell are in this thing together.  Their fight was a ploy to make the Lovemuscle look good in front of the others, only to deceive them later in the game.  They soon inform Jordan and she starts freaking out.

It looks like there's another twist in the works for the Big Brother 11 houseguests.  Wasn't their uprising enough drama?  Ronnie was already crying in bed when he was last seen and it's probably going to get worse.  Even reality television can't escape Murphy's Law.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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