'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: July 20
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: July 20
We're seeing more of a certain clique on the live feeds recently, and those who've read the spoiler for the PoV Ceremony would know why.  On Big Brother, the ones who have been nominated for eviction get additional air time than most.  It's only fitting since they want the last days to well, last.

Aside from the nuggets of truth given by the two evictees, the only interesting event that occurred in the house is the game of pool between Lydia and Natalie.  Read on below to find out what happened, but beware of spoilers.

With Laura and Jordan on the block, we're fed clips of the remaining members of the Popular clique and their current alliance.  While the other group has been calling themselves "The Natural Born Killers" (NBK), this batch is known as "The Dumb 5."  That's composed of the two ladies, Casey, Jeff and Michele.

Calling NBK "The Villains" seems to boost up their morale, and Jordan even does an impersonation of Jessie.  She jokes around and does a Jessie voice, saying how big his muscles are and that he's the best reality player ever.  Jordan role-playing this egoistic meathead is probably the only way Jessie can be likeable.

There's more bonding among The Dumb 5 as they talk about how Russell almost flipped sides, but now he's back with the Athletes.  Jeff, Casey and Michele continue being isolated from their cliques and Laura simply states: "It's high school!"

Surprisingly, the lady known for her chest-moons is starting to prove that she's a force to be reckoned with.  Laura, unlike HoH Ronnie, can handle her lies but stay true to her words.  This only causes the target on her back to slowly grow into the size of the ones on her front.

Later in the day, Jordan talks to her fellow Popular about their farewell speech.  Laura says something like, "I was glad to redeem yourself from the technotronics thing and good to see the Dumb party of Five."  They're incredibly excited about it, even though we don't know what's so funny about those words.  Maybe we'll just have to wait until eviction.

As for the NBK group, there's a game of pool afoot.  When they're not busy strategizing, they're off participating in little competitions of their own.  Obviously, these guys are insecure and constantly need to prove themselves to one another.

Anyway, Lydia and Natalie make a bet.  Sort of.  They play pool and don't exactly know what to do upon winning, but are determined on doing something.  Natalie proposes they wager beds, because it looks like she has some weird obsession with them.  Lydia doesn't agree, so they settle for something else.  If Lydia loses the game, she won't wear make-up for a week.

Unfortunately for the viewers of Big Brother, she does lose in pool and we have to witness the Tattooed One without makeup for a dreadful seven days.  Still, things aren't through between them.  Jessie intervenes and tells her fellow Athlete to give the Offbeat another game because Natalie cheated.

Soon, they talk about a new bet after another round of pool.  Natalie and Lydia are planning on the loser dressing the same way as the winner, being "each other's shadow."  She would have to eat and sleep when the other does, and so on and so forth.  Doesn't this doppelganger idea of theirs just make you shudder?

Then again, Lydia couldn't help but complain.  She doesn't want to dress like Natalie at all, so the bet's still not settled.  Oh well.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
 (Image Courtesy of CBS)