'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: July 15
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: July 15
To ward off their boredom (and ours), the Big Brother 11 houseguests have been indulging in a number of extra-curricular activities.  They're like little practice sessions before the big game or something.  It looks as if they got tired of too much chess all of a sudden, so they decided to amuse themselves with trivial competitions.

The Off Beat Oldie Casey was the mastermind behind most of them, starting things off the minute the storage room was restocked with beer.  Everyone flocked to the backyard for some fun, taking a break from all that futile exercise they like to call strategizing.

Game 1: Have/Have Not
Here, the HGs take turns asking questions that begin with "Who has" or "Who has not."  The players managed to come up with "Who has seen someone in this house naked? " and "Who has a crush on someone in this house?"  Kevin even blurted out, "Who took the explosive shit that was found in the bathroom?" referring to the malodorous mystery poop found unflushed by Chima.  
Soon, the alcohol kicked in and someone asked "Who wants to see Ronnie naked?"  The rest of the HGs egged him on, but the Brain refused because of his job as a teacher.  He would, however, jump into the pool with his clothes on.  They told him to do a belly flop, and he agreed.  It was appalling to see him actually accomplish it spectacularly.

Another question was "Who do you think is the one person who could get a stalker from this?" and many answered Jordan.  She replied with, "I don't think so, though, because where I live there's not so many people."  When Internet stalkers were suggested, this small-town blonde answered, "I didn't have e-mail.  I had to get it for this show."

Later, they all talk about a four-way kiss among Lydia, Laura, Michelle and Jordan.  From some far off place, we hear a collective cheer from all the males watching the live feeds as this happens.  A louder cheer is heard when the four girls do it again.

Game 2: 20 Questions
Several queries were proposed, and after a dozen of them they narrow it down to one: Who is the most famous male over 30 years old outside the Big Brother house?  Surprisingly, it's Russell who answers correctly - "Barack Obama."

Game 3: Heads Up, 7 Up
It's another guessing game in which the HGs have to pick out the person who presses down on their thumb while their are heads down.  With the number of players they have, they had to revise the rules and rename it "4 Up."  Nobody really won, but the twist is that you have to do a crazy pose once someone yells "Heads Up!" For the last bit, we get a view of some bottoms as the players mooned the rest.

Game 4: Red Light, Green Light
The high school twist this season just turned into kindergarten.  Casey explains the rules of the game and Jeff has trouble understanding them.  Even so, they look like they're having a great time.  Must be the alcohol.  Anyway, Ronnie soon has control of the light and the athletic Jeff wipes out.

Game 5: Julie Says
There's no Simon on Big Brother, so the HGs had to make do with the Chenbot.  Unfortunately she wasn't present either, so Jesse had to be the leader. A fter about three minutes, they get fed up, and playtime's over.

Concluding Rites:
Jordan closes off the games by saying: "I have a gas bubble. I need to fart."  Very appropriate.

Of course, you can't commemorate the end of this crazy relay without music.  The Big Brother Percussion Players took center stage with Jordan counting off and noise fills the air.  Chima does some sort of African tribal dance while Braden chants.  Meanwhile, Madame Neuroscientist Michele starts shaking her booty in that bikini (way to transcend the stereotype!).

Despite Chima wrapping things up - "Give ourselves a hand! That was team work!" - Russell doesn't seem to know that it's over.  He's still got another game up his sleeve.

Post-game Game: 4 4 40
Russell brings out jugs of water, challenging the rest of the HGs to try this game he learned when he was a firefighter.  The rules are you have to drink one gallon of water in 4 minutes and hold it down for 40 seconds.  Jeff doesn't seem to like it and exclaims, "This is silly. If it's beer, I'll do it."

The only participants seem to be Russell, Jesse and Ronnie, who is trying too hard to be a jock.  As they all expect impending puke, Russell tells them to take off their mics because it might be trouble.  Luckily, BB intervenes and says it isn't allowed.

Other highlights:
Chima to Natalie: "It's funny how the athletes keep threatening people." and "Your whole team is Evel Dick."

Ronnie: "You ever feel like you brain isn't working?" and he started making weird sounds and called himself Jar Jar Binks.  So much for the jock aspirations.  He does, however teach Jordan how to use face masks.  The nerd brings out a huge amount of this goop, which makes one wonder where Ronnie really fits in. Or maybe he just doesn't.

More Jesse/Lydia:
Jesse: Are you good at pool?
Lydia: Why, you wanna play?
Jesse: Yeah, I wanna play you. (Cue a collective shudder from females watching this)

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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