'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Thursday, July 9 (with Nomination Spoilers)
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Thursday, July 9 (with Nomination Spoilers)
On Big Brother 11, the bell has rung, homeroom class is over, and these live feeds are going to be like seeing what happens in the hallways between lessons.  With the high school clique theme, it's going to be one fun season (for some).  However, the year has just begun and there aren't a lot of interesting things going on.

High school was a time when awkwardness abounded, and it's no different for these season's houseguests.  When the live feeds began airing, all that happened was small talk among them.  Then again, the game's really on the way as two players are already up for eviction.

Possible spoilers below.

Natalie, notorious for claiming she's just 18, asked the others to check if there was any liquor in the storage room.  There is none.  Moving on, the Big Brother game play is getting quicker.  There are already two HGs nominated for eviction, and it doesn't look good for our aspiring dark horses.

It's Chima and Lydia on the chopping block, but neither of them looks too worried.  The Tattooed One has actually found herself a BFF in - who would've thought it - Jordan.  It looks like the homecoming princess is willing to break ranks after all.

Later on, Lydia and Jeff discuss Veto options outside.  She's determined to win it, and he thinks she has what it takes.  He tells her to go for it, even though she keeps refusing his help because Jessie might get mad. A jock sticking up for a weirdo - looks like the early stages of The Princess Diaries to me. Could Jeff be faking it too?

Most of the houseguests are already wondering when the Power of Veto competition will start, but it's mindless chit-chat for the rest of the day.  The only other noteworthy event was Jordan trying to have some fun and Braden belting out tunes.  He was suddenly stopped because the live feeds might be trouble, but he quips "I can't get in trouble for singing my own lyrics, I created them myself."  And we all know how Surfer Boy makes up his own words.  Maybe he and "Blackanese" Kevin can be BFFs.

Anyway, to close off this recap, let's hear a toast from the Offbeat Oldie, Casey.  The houseguests raise their Heinekens to the air as he proclaims: "To the season so nice - they named us number one twice."  So goes your first dose of Big Brother 11.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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