'Big Brother 11' Interview: Ronnie Loved Being "Someone to Hate"
'Big Brother 11' Interview: Ronnie Loved Being "Someone to Hate"
I live my life by many rules, one of which is that it's OK to be a hypocrite if you're aware that you are one.  To that end, after interviewing Ronnie, the recently evicted Big Brother 11 houseguest, I find myself forced to have a certain level of admiration for Ronnie the Rat.

Sure, he's one of the most hated houseguests in Big Brother history, and I'm still glad he's gone and won't win, but unlike other past HGs who are delusional about their accomplishments, Ronnie knows exactly what people think about him, and he accepts it.

In my interview, we talked to the Big Brother fan about his thoughts on Jessie last season, the reason behind his comments to Michele, the reason he thinks Jeff WON'T use the power of Coup d'Etat this week, and why he's OK with being hated.  It's definitely worth listening to.

-Ronnie went into the game with a plan to lie and scheme his way through the Big Brother house, which he certainly did to various levels of success.

-As a fan of the show, he admits he didn't really like Jessie last season, but that the real Jessie is sweet and kind.  Ronnie learned that you can't always judge someone based on how they seem on the 24/7 feeds or on TV, which is definitely something he hopes others will agree with.

-He may be one of the most hated HGs ever on Big Brother, but Ronnie wouldn't change a second of it.  He's a huge fan of the show and was excited to be on, even if that meant he'd be remembered as Ronnie the Rat.  "What's the show without someone to hate?" he added.

-Ronnie wants Chima to win the whole thing, but he also believes Jeff and Jordan have a great chance as well, even though they don't know much about the game and strategy.  However, Ronnie feels this week Chima won't target Jeff or Jordan, and that since Jordan is the only person Jeff really cares about, he won't bother to use the Coup d'Etat to save anyone else, such as Russell or Michele.

-Finally, despite being all about the game, it's actual the personal side of things that had more to do with Ronnie's vitriolic rant against Michele.  Ronnie acknowledges that they really weren't on the same side for most of their time in the house, but that the two still grew close and shared personal stories.  Ronnie says it was the breaking of that personal relationship that was the real cause for his anger, so it had less to do with the actual game and her betrayal.

-Interview conducted by John Kubicek
(Image courtesy of CBS)