'Big Brother 11' Interview: Loud Russell Looking Forward to "Quiet Time"
'Big Brother 11' Interview: Loud Russell Looking Forward to "Quiet Time"
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Much like the month of March, Russell came into Big Brother 11 like a lion, but went out like a lamb.  He was front and center in almost every heated argument and verbal throwdown of the season.  He accosted Jeff over his use of the word "technotronics," he called Michele a psycho, Ronnie a rat, Jordan fat, and Chima a racist.

But after all that excitement, Russell proved that his confrontational verbal attacks were part of his Big Brother strategy, an attempt to become one of the all-0time great Big Brother villains like Evel Dick and Dr. Will.
In our interview with Russell, he talked about the worst part of being stuck in the Jury House with Jessie and Lydia, why he never wants to see Chima again, and his somewhat surprising choice for the HG he'd most like to stay friends with.

What are you most and least looking forward to about spending a week with Jessie and Lydia?
I'm least looking forward to being the third wheel in the love affair that they have going. I'm looking forward to decompressing from the Big Brother house and the daily grind of scheming and game play ... and being alone. Alone time and quiet time. I'm not used to being around people that much.

Which single former houseguest is your all-time favorite?
Evel Dick.

Which houseguest from this season would you most like to stay in touch with when it's over?
Hmmm ... I think I'd most like to stay in touch with Casey. He turned out to be one of my really close friends in the house. I really like the guy.

Who would you never like to see again?
I would say Chima. Not on my end because people think I'm mad but because I don't think she understands the difference between a game and reality.

If you had to do it all over again, how would you do things differently?

The only thing I would change is how much information I divulged to people. I think I would keep the same strategy because it got me to the final six so I think it was working.

What is your favorite memory from the house?

Getting a letter from my family.

What was the worst part about living in the Big Brother house?
Hands down, not being able to leave even for an hour at any point in time, even when you wanted to get away. It truly is a constant game.

Which competition was the most fun?
I think that the HoH "Graduation Day" one was the most fun. It was the most challenging too. For me, that's the most fun.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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