Big Brother 10: Why Dan's Power of Veto Speech Will Work
Big Brother 10: Why Dan's Power of Veto Speech Will Work
Last night's episode of Big Brother was unique in that the editors didn't attempt to wring drama from what Dan might do with the replacement nomination.  The focus was on how he would do it.  Dan, from the very beginning of the episode, made it clear that he would not keep with his deal, and that he would be nominating Michelle if and when the Power of Veto was used.  As the events progressed, Dan's major decision was already made, but an even more important one hung in the balance – how would he break the news to Ollie?  Dan could have easily told Ollie beforehand in order to soften the blow, but he opted to make a bombastic, slightly arrogant speech.  What Dan did was probably the best move he could have made. 

Dan's speech and “Replacement Nominee Roulette” accomplished a couple of things.  First, it got Ollie and Renny pitted against each other.  Dan needed this to keep Renny loyal.  While there may be backlash in Renny and Dan's relationship, Renny and Ollie will likely never be the same.  Renny appeared to be a legitimate threat to join Ollie in an alliance if she became the slightest bit upset by Dan or Memphis.  However, even if Dan and Renny's relationship becomes irreparable, that's fine.  It just gives Dan, Keesha and Memphis a reason to evict her. 

Second, it really pissed off Ollie and Michelle, and took them by surprise.  Dan could have taken the easy way out, and told Ollie and Michelle beforehand what the deal was, but allowing them to think that Keesha was going up on the block gave the two a false sense of security.  When something like that is ripped away in such an abrupt and abrasive manner, it's hard to recover.  Ollie, especially, looks as if he flew off the handle after the PoV ceremony.  If that's the case, Dan not only took Ollie out of the game mentally, he got Ollie to distance himself from the others in the house.  Michelle didn't seem overly pleased herself, but her mental state doesn't particularly matter – she's going home Thursday anyway. 

And, perhaps most important, Dan's speech and actions set a precedent for the rest of the season.  The gloves are off and, by the time the final jury vote comes to pass, I'll bet that Dan's PoV speech is just the first in a long line of morally questionable Big Brother moves. 

The alternative for Dan last night was to give a sheepish and humble speech and then renege on his deal.  If we accept the truth that he was going to nominate Michelle, his way was the best way to go.  Not the game or his specific words, but the general aura of confidence and the “this was my plan all along” sort of vibe.  If he were to quietly nominate Michelle, he would be admitting his own guilt.  This way, it looks precise and methodical, like it was the inevitable outcome of his master plan.  Pure decisions on Big Brother are important, but there is an underrated importance on the manner and circumstances in which those decisions come about.  Dan knows this, and he exemplified it on last night's episode.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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