Big Brother 10: Week 9 Nominations, Live Thoughts
Big Brother 10: Week 9 Nominations, Live Thoughts
Big Brother 10, the finish line is in sight.  Four humans remain inside the Big Brother house, only one of whom has seen the 1960's.  Jerry's inexplicable ability to remain in the Big Brother house is almost awe-inspiring in its madness.  He shouldn't be there, it makes little sense, but there he is, waddling around and telling stories.  Memphis and Dan decided to toss away the New Orleans social butterfly Renny, and keep their alliance partner Renny on Thursday.  Dan won the latest Head of Household, and tonight he will decide who is put up on the block, though it matters not – the only competition of worth this week is the Power of Veto.

So, I had some technical difficulties, but I got it fixed in time to tune in right exactly where we left off the last episode.  Thank goodness for the 8 minutes of filler. 

Dan notices that there's a envelope under the sumo guy's butt.  He finds the note, and it says that finding the note has officially kicked off a luxury challenge, which will allow one person to leave the house for a sweet trip.  No one has any idea where the trip will be to.

Keesha has put on some crazy big, cartoon librarian glasses.  They go great with the boo---Oh, I promised myself I would discuss Keesha's anatomy anymore.

Keesha is upset that Renny is gone – she knows that Memphis and Dan are more loyal to each other than her.  She hopes that they'll take her over Jerry.  They should.

Jerry is doing everything he can to make it to the final two or three.  Memphis isn't sure whether they should take Jerry or Keesha.

Memphis has a pet spider, and he has decided to feed it a moth.  He tosses it into the spider web and watches as it gets destroyed by the spider.  Kind of cool, not going to lie.

Dan's Head of Household room has pictures of his girlfriend and his hot sister (or, atleast that's what it looks like – the picture quality isn't spectacular).

This Jerry Seinfeld/Bill Gates MIcrosoft commercial is pretty silly, is it not?  I don't particularly understand it. 

And the madness begins.  Someone dressed in a gorilla costume comes and wakes everyone up.  Keesha is baffled.  Dan is woken up by the gorilla - no one is scared, just confused.  The gorilla takes everyone to the backyard, where there is a bunch of random crap.  Taking from out spoiler article, here's the list of stuff that's in the yard:

female contortionist wearing a blue leotard

A bathtub full of dirt

A big diamond

An ostrich wearing glasses

Boxing gloves

A giant hot dog

A wolf-like creature

A space ship

A living Caesar statue

A waterfall

An army box in jungle netting

A cracking egg with a rubber chicken

A huge wedding cake

An orange triangle

Dan informs everyone that the players have three hours and three guesses to guess what the common phrase is regarding all the objects.  There are some objects that have nothing to do with the phrase - those things will be covered up in a tarp as the challenge goes along. 

Just so you know, everyone is of the opinion that Jessie from earlier this season is the person in the gorilla suit.  Jerry guesses first, followed by Keesha.  Neither are right.  Jerry's guesses are pretty ridiculous. 

Jerry uses his third guess.  "A dog is a man's best friend."  Wrong, sir. 

The only two items remaining are the blueberry and the egg with “IT” written on it.  Dan uses his first guess with only a few minutes remaining.  “Bury the hatchet.”  That's the correct answer.  Dan is going to get the win.

The houseguests are informed that Dan won the luxury competition.  "Bury the hatchet" was indeed the secret phrase. 

Dan is informed in the diary room that he has won a trip to a private beach - he is allowed to take one houseguest or a jury member with him.  Dan doesn't know what to do. 

Dan is having a difficult time deciding.  He tells the players about his options.  He tells them that he didn't pick anyone. 

My connection got dropped – did Dan pick a jury member? 

Keesha is not upset.  Jerry is suspicious. Dan has decided to take Michelle on his trip.  Could be a good move, it could backfire, especially if the Memphis or Keesha or Jerry find out about it.

Dan and Memphis discuss who to nominate.  Dan has the idea to not nominate Keesha, to placate her and make her happy, relieve some stress, considering she's been on the block for the last week.

Dan opts to nominate Memphis and Jerry.  It's probably a good decision for The Renegades in the long run. 

I'll be back later with a full recap.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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