Big Brother 10: Final Eviction, Live Results
Big Brother 10: Final Eviction, Live Results
It has been a long, arduous, occasionally hate-filled journey, my fellow Big Brother enthusiasts, but the final eviction episode of the season is upon us.  Julie Chen is three episodes away from being put back in her cryogenic chamber, only to be let out for a few hours each morning, but mostly Mrs. Bot will be hibernating until next July.  Three will become two tonight inside the Big Brother house, and the masses will either rejoice or shrug indifferently.  For those of you watching Hole in the Wall instead of Big Brother (or instead of anything else you could possibly waste your time on, including sewing or yodeling or staring at your bathroom tile panels), how dare you.  Hole in the Wall is murderer of brain cells, a destroyer of hope, a vanquisher of good taste.  Watch Big Brother - at least it requires minimal mental involvement.  I'll be here all night, ground-pounding my thoughts on the goombahs of the world. 

Hi, Julie Chen. 

I still feel bad for Keesha.  She was truly hurt. 

You know what I don't like?  Memphis's stupid freaking hat.  I would rather wear Jerry's t-shirt tucked into jean shorts get-up, than normal clothes plus stupid Memphis hat. 

Head of Household, Part 1.

Memphis, Dan and Jerry stand on the planes, holding on for dear life, wearing immaculately silly goggles and hats.  We flash back to Keesha's departure.  Memphis admits that it wasn't personal.  They simply had a better chance at beating Jerry in the final HoH. 

Dan whispered to Keesha, as she left, that he took Michelle on the trip.  Dan explains that he did that so he ended up being completely honest with Keesha.  He told her to “finish it,” meaning that he wants Keesha to help secure Michelle's vote.

Jerry takes the bait in regards to Dan and Memphis's fake fight. 

Dan really goes to town with the “Memphis stabbing his friends in the back” meme.  He talks mad smack. 

Jerry falls off soon after the HoH, Part 1 begins.  It looks like a semi-nasty little fall.  But, he's OK. 

Dan and Memphis had agreed for Memphis to fall off.  Memphis thinks that Dan was overplayign the whole fake fight thing.  I agree. 

Dan, a ways into the competition, is upset that Memphis hasn't yet fallen off.  Memphis wanted to make Jerry think that he was actually trying to win.  Memphis falls soon after.

Memphis has to win the second heat, everyone agrees. 

Julie Chen has a difficult time saying the word “Renegades.”  No need for a joke here.

Part 2 of the Head of Household.  It's a boxing themed challenge.  Memphis and Jerry go one at a time.  There are cardboard cutouts of each of the original thirteen houseguests.  The players have to knock down every houseguest except for the HoH and final nominated houseguests in each eviction ceremony, starting with week 1.  They have to go through all ten groups of three, if you will.  The player who finishes in the least amount of time wins. 

It appears as if Memphis is dominating this challenge.

Dan reveals the results.  Memphis finished in eight and a half minutes.  Jerry finished in fifty one minutes. 

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  That's an absolute thrashing.  How is that even possible?

Dan and Memphis celebrate.  Julie goes live to the houseguests.  Jerry says when he fell into the pool, his brain got water-logged. 

Yes, coming up we'll get to see how April and Michelle reacted to Keesha's appearance in the jury house.  I'm hoping for some yelling.  Maybe Renny and Keesha will throw down, and a full on brawl will ignite.


Let's see Keesha's arrival at the jury house.  Renny says that being in the jury house sucks.  She's funny.  Michelle thinks it'll be interesting to have whoever arrives find out about her trip with Dan.  Well, Keesha knows. 

April, bitchiness engage.  She says Keesha did a lot of backstabbing.  Keesha vents about Memphis.  Michelle's thunder has been stoled, and it makes me grin.  The jurors watch the DVD.  April blathers on about her support of Jerry now.  Keesha has figured out that Dan was working on her for the vote.  Even though Keesha has figured this out, she still thinks Dan has played a great game.

For the Final Part of the HoH competition.  Dan and Memphis will be read statements made by the jurors while in the jury house.  They are given the first part of the sentence, followed by two options.  They have to choose A or B.  Whoever has the most points after six questions, wins the Final HoH. 

Going into the final question, Dan has the lead by one point. 

DAN WINS THE FINAL HOH!!!  He will cast the final eviction vote.  Jerry thinks he might be sticking around right now.  Sorry, old man.

Memphis and Jerry make their respective cases for being in the final two. 

Dan votes to evict Jerry. 


Jerry thinks that Dan made a mistake, because Jerry believes he will be the deciding vote.

Jerry gets teary-eyed talking to Julie, when he talks about the prospect of going home.  It was actually pretty touching.  Nice old man. 

Julie says she has a very important announcement to make after the commercial break.

America's Vote.  You can vote for which juror should win a special $25,000 prize.  So, vote away minions. 

I'll be back later tonight with a full recap.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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