Big Brother 10: Week 8 Eviction Recap
Big Brother 10: Week 8 Eviction Recap
The episode ended with a big fat man sitting on a chest, speaking in a foreign language (sorry, was that Polynesian?  Japanese?).  So, that was a little weird.  But, besides that little bit of surrealism at the end of the night, Big Brother went off pretty much as expected tonight.  We are left with four people, three of whom have a chance to win $500,000.  Guess who doesn't have that chance?  I'll give you a hint – he's kind of old.  In other news, Julie Chen looked like she was about to embark on a luxury fake safari, and Keesha dropped two tons of cleave on an unsuspecting American populace.  I'll say one thing about tonight's Big Brother – it was far more entertaining than John McCain's speech. 

Jerry Stirs a Little Pot

Jerry, obviously, was a tad bit perturbed that Memphis took Dan off the block.  Jerry wanted Dan gone, and in the wake of the Power of Veto ceremony, Jerry decided to spark some doubt into the minds of both Keesha and Dan.  He told both about how Memphis has deals with everyone in the house and how he cannot be trusted.  Of course, the reason he said these things was to try and find a way to survive the final four and reach the final three, which doesn't appear to be a likely possibility. 

Renny and Keesha, BFFs

Renny and Keesha formed a very nice, close bond inside the house.  There was a lot of footage tonight showing the two of them talking about life, and how the Big Brother house brought the two of them a lot of perspective.  Keesha and Renny are both solid people, and have both struck me as genuine humans over the course of the season. 

Goodbye, Renny

Renny was evicted by a vote of two to nothing.  She was gracious in her exit, and touched by her goodbye messages, especially the one from Keesha. 

Dan the Man, Plus a Fat Guy

The Head of Household challenge was called “Freeze Frame.”  Memphis, Dan and Keesha all took their places on a circular stage, walled off from each other.  Earlier in the day they were given seven freeze frames from different challenges throughout the season, and were told to study them.  Julie Chen then asked true and false questions about each picture.  Dan got every single question right, beating Memphis by one point.  After the challenge, the players were surprised to find a fat Buddha looking guy sitting in the living on top of a chest.  Julie told us that the Buddha holds a clue to a luxury competition coming later in the week that will allow a houseguest to leave the Big Brother house.

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