Big Brother 10: Week 7 Nominations, Live Thoughts
Big Brother 10: Week 7 Nominations, Live Thoughts
We're getting to the stretch run here on Big Brother 10.  The season has flown by mighty fast, and the final end game is beginning to crystallize.  There is nothing set in stone, of course, bu the players have separated themselves from the floaters.  At this point, I see no way Jerry or Michelle win this game.  Weirdly, I think that Ollie has a fighting chance, even though his showmance April has been sent to the purgatory of sequester.  Tonight brings us the finale of Thursday's endurance Head of Household competition.  CBS loves the endurance HoH's, because it gives them up to fifteen minutes of filler at the beginning of the nominations episode.  Expect the filler in full force tonight, as well as the new HoH's nominations.  I'll be here for the entire episode, knee-capping the masses with my inane thoughts.  Do enjoy. 

Really, Narrator Guy?  Dan and Memphis's alliance is secret?  The other houseguests would have to be pretty dense to not figure out that they're in cahoots. 

Drink it in, Big Brother viewers.  These are the last clips we'll see of April for a long while.  Don't shed a tear.  Death is merely a part of life. 

Over/Under on crazy things Jerry says tonight: 4.5

We pick up with the beginning of the HoH competition, where the houseguests had to hold on to a vine as they constantly slammed into a padded wall.  Ollie quotes Tupac.  You know, because it's him against the world.  Ollie admits that he is distraught with April gone.  Keesha is very happy to April gone (me too!).  I can't get over Renny's outfit from last Thursday. 

Day 45.

Ollie wants to make it all the way to the end.  Really?  You'd rather not lose?  You mean you'd like to win $500,000?  Never would have thought that. 

There are water balloons on the wall the players get smashed into.  The players can grab the balloons and throw them at each other.

Jerry was the first to drop.  His legs were straight hurtin', yo. 

Michelle gets just nailed by a water balloon from Memphis.  It was aimed for Ollie.  Michelle got hit in the eyes and was super pissed about it.  Frickin' baby.  It's water.

At the hour mark, every save Jerry was still alive.  Five minutes later, Keesha dropped. 

At the two hout mark, Memphis, Michelle, Dan and Ollie are still alive.  Michelle is the next to go.  He shoe got caught on the wall, and she was ripped off the seat. 

So, it's the three dudes in a war of attrition.  Three hours in, and they're all still alive.  At the 3:20 mark, Memphis got off because his body told him to.  Fair enough. 

Down to Dan and Ollie.  Dan knows that he has to beat Ollie - if Ollie wins HoH, Dan is probably up. 

And we go to commercial, the outcome still hanging in the balance, fifteen minutes into the episode.  The HoH challenge is going to take up at least 20 minutes of tonight's Big Brother.

Dan v. Ollie.  Battle of a lifetime.  Dan tells Ollie that the only reason he's staying is because he wants to see a picture of his girlfriend Monica.  Ollie says he won't put Dan up of he drops.  Dan says he can't do it.  Dan tells Ollie that if he wins, he'll keep Ollie safe. 

Dan says that he wants to stay weak-seeming even with HoH.  He then offers Ollie a two-for-one deal - Dan can choose one nominee, the rest of the responsibilities will rest in Ollie's hands.  This is some interesting stuff. 

Dan is ecstatic about making such a terrible deal.  Keesha and Memphis talk in the storage room.  They're not terribly excited about this whole thing...nor should they be.  Ollie tells Michelle about the deal.  He says that she will be the one he protects.  Michelle is very happy.

Memphis has lost some trust in Dan. 

We see the HoH room.  We see his girlfriend.  She's cute, for sure.  She sent him a shirt that says "Taken."  He reads the letter, but tells us in the Diary Room that because he wants to seem weak, he's trying to turn on the tears.  It's a pretty solid acting job.  The letter is pretty cliche. 

Dan and Renny have an inane argument about Dan's love life. 

Dan and Ollie talk shop in the HoH room.  Ollie wants to nominate Jerry.  Dan knows that nominating Memphis could be a huge mistake. 

Dan ponders in the morning.  He and Memphis talk inside.  Memphis realizes that he's going up. 

Keesha, Dan and Renny discuss the situation.  Dan wants to keep Memphis, and keep it he four of them.  Renny wants to get rid of Memphis.  Dan tries to get Renny to agree to keep Memphis.   He makes some inroads, agreeing to make this three THE final three.

Dan, alone, considers just putting up Ollie and Michelle. 

It is almost nomination time.  What will Dan do?  This could be a very intriguing nomination ceremony. 

Dan is upfront at the start of the ceremony, saying that he made a deal with Ollie.  He intends to honor that deal. 


We'll be back later tonight with a full recap. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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