Big Brother 10: Week 6 Eviction Recap
Big Brother 10: Week 6 Eviction Recap
Nothing really happens in the Big Brother Live Eviction episodes.  You have some highlights from the last couple days, mostly involving the nominees campaigning for votes.  Then you have a lot of pointless interviews, conducted by the incomparable Julie Chen.  Finally, there's the live vote (and we all usually know how that's going to turn out).  Then, the interview with the evicted houseguest, and finally the live Head of Household competition.  There's a lot of action, yes, but not a lot of drama.  The storytelling that's so central to the nomination and Power of Veto Big Brother episodes is largely absent in the live eviction episodes.  That's all right – I enjoy the live eviction episodes just fine.  It's just that, frankly, there's never a whole lot to talk about afterwards. 

April and Ollie Get Desperate

Ollie and April try to convince Michelle to give them their vote.  Michelle isn't entirely opposed, because she wants Jerry gone.  Ollie and April really want Michelle to talk to Dan.  Instead, Ollie speaks with Dan first, tries to convince him of the importance of keeping April in the game.  Dan isn't convinced.  Later, April corners Dan, and gives him her spiel.  Dan isn't particularly swayed. 

Considering this was April's last episode, we spent a lot of time with her and Ollie, the two lovebirds.  Their relationship has the incredible cheese factor of two young people blinded by their infatuation.  Their families are featured briefly and are generally supportive of the relationship. 

Goodbye, April

April is evicted by a 4-1 vote.  The one vote came from, of course, Ollie.  In her interview with Julie Chen after the vote, Chen barraged her with a ton of uncomfortable Ollie questions.  She admits that, yes, she would like to have Ollie be her boyfriend.  This is not a surprise. 

A Twist!

Next Thursday will be a live double eviction episode.  We can assume that it will work like years past, when a whole week of events is scrunched into one single episode, bookended by two separate live votes.  It should be fun. 

King of the Jungle

The live Head of Household competition is called “King of the Jungle.”  The players all had to hold onto a vine.  They are intermittently rained on and swung into a wall.  The last person to stay on their vine wins the HoH. It is an endurance competition and, therefore, the result was still up in the air when the episode ended.  If you'd like to know the result, check out our spoiler article here.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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