Big Brother 10: Week 5 Likability Index
Big Brother 10: Week 5 Likability Index
Big Brother 10, full of fools.  I will hand it to Alison Grodner – she gave America a combustibly entertaining cast this season.  While they may not all be lovable, they are certainly willing to mix it up and provide Big Brother fans good television, which is a vast improvement over Big Brother 9's relative snorefest.  One of the best aspects of this season is how one's opinions of the various houseguests have changed over the course of the season.  I know that, for me, my opinions have shifted drastically.  With that in mind, it seemed like a good time to once again rank the Big Brother houseguests.  Not in terms of “power” or their place in the competition, but in regards to how likable they've proven to be this season. 

Houseguests are ranked from least to most likable.

#9 - April

I've given April every opportunity to reverse my initial thoughts on her, but she's kept on pissing me off.  Keesha was right last night – April is the true puppet-master in the game, slyly pitting people against each other.  Every thing she does, everything she says, the way she talks epic smack behind others' backs – it angers me to no end.  Ideal scenario: Keesha wins HoH on Sunday and promptly nominates April and Ollie.

#8 – Jerry

I used to be a fan.  Thought Jerry would be a jolly old chap, a grandpa-like figure and the house's voice of reason.  He's turned into an ornery codger, lacking rationality and tact.  His rampage against Dan has been totally hypocritical and over-the-top.  His inability to forgive is insane, and he's going to feel incredibly bad when he learns that Dan was indeed America's Player.

#7 - Ollie

He's slept with a married woman.  Supposedly a religious man, he's been taxing April in front of a national audience on a daily basis.  If anything, he's penalized for simply being April's lap dog.  Maybe he'll redeem himself if April is evicted and he's forced to play the game on his own. 

#6 - Michelle

I'm torn on Michelle.  Her relationship with Jessie and subsequent defense of his character was pathetic.  She doesn't seem totally despicable at times, but she's also prone to going on completely unnecessary outbursts, yelling and screaming for no real reason.  Inciting the Libra conflict on last night's show, taking a joke and blowing it out of proportion, was indefensible. 

#5 - Libra

Libra's not as bad as people make her out to be.  She's boisterous and has an attitude.  But, I think she's decent at heart, and has tried to play the game to the best of her ability.  Turning on April and Ollie might not have been the best tactical move, but it was admirable.  Too bad she's probably going home on Thursday. 

#4 - Memphis

It's amazing he's not a target anymore, isn't it?  Memphis might have this game locked up.  He's stayed out of all conflicts, is on good terms with most everyone in the house, and has removed the target from his back.  I'd like to see him team up with Keesha, Renny and Dan starting next week. 

#3 - Renny

I can't tell if Renny has become less annoying since the beginning of the season, or if she's just received less screen time in the last couple weeks.  I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and guess it's the former.  Renny has surprisingly become the calm voice of reason that we all suspected Jerry would be. 

#2 - Keesha

Keesha has her faults.  She gets upset too often.  As we saw last night, she can take things far too personally.  However, she at least is self-aware of her behavior, and isn't happy about it.  Anyone who understands that the Big Brother house can make them act irrationally is sympathetic, even if they do act irrationally.  She's a good person at heart, and I hope she wins the Battle of the Blondes. 

#1 – Dan

I was open about my hatred of Dan before he even set foot in the house.  Now, I'm very surprised to find him at the top of the list.  Throughout all the conflict in the house, Dan has taken the high road.  Being America's Player and being forced to vote for Jessie last week seems to have given Dan perspective, and you have to respect him for staying calm during Jerry's assault on his character.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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