Big Brother 10: Week 5 Eviction, Live Results
Big Brother 10: Week 5 Eviction, Live Results
Who will it be tonight?  Keesha, Hooter girl extraordinaire, or Libra, source of unending conflict?  Big Brother 10 smacks us over the face with another live eviction episode tonight and I'm hoping that the house stays where it seemingly was at the end of last episode and evicts Libra.  Nothing against Libra (I like her more than most fans seem to), but I think Keesha has a chance to go deep on Big Brother 10 if she survives tonight.  Also, I find her to be one of the few remaining houseguests that's at least somewhat likable. 

By Thursday morning, do any of you get a nasty hankering for your weekly dose of live Julie Chen?  I know I can't get enough of awkward interviews presided over by robotic charisma vacuums.  It's one of my favorite things in the world, ranking somewhere in between Cheddar Cheese Goldfish and contracting polio.  I'll be here all episode, projecting my live thoughts out into the world at a medium pace.

Stop watching the Olympics!  Now!  You want to watch Big Brother!

Jerry is going to make my brain explode.  If we get more of him rampaging against Dan this episode, I don't know if I'll be able to take it.  I challenge any of you to name a more despicable alliance than the April-Ollie-Jerry Trio of Horror. 

I haven't been paying attention to the live feeds.  Does Libra have any chance?

Pointless live audience!  Dan is wearing a nice pink shirt tonight.  Keesha and Libra are nicely dolled up.  Julie Chen is wearing a pea green outfit.  Fashion reporting over.

There's some backlash to Jerry's Judas comment, as there should be.  Memphis is baffled by the old man, as is Michelle.  Libra is also upset by the comment.  Dan, however, admits in the Diary Room that he's ecstatic about the Jerry situation.  He loves the sympathy he's receiving. 

Keesha bikini shot!  Nice.

April, about Keesha - "It makes me naceous looking at her."  And..."It's because I'm prettier than her."  Ha!  April, I'm afraid you suck.

Yes!  Dan and Memphis discuss entering an alliance, and bringing in Renny and/or Keesha.  That's the best possible alliance for Big Brother fans who enjoy people that don't totally suck.  Meanwhile, Ollie and April really want to find a way to get Keesha out of the game.  Ollie tells Libra to talk to Dan – if she can get his vote, than Jerry, Ollie and April would be able to save Libra.  Well, maybe.

Libra talks to Dan.  Libra is extremely vague.  Dan says he'll think about it. 

We get some clips regarding Libra being a mother.  I'm sick and freaking tired of people criticizing Libra for leaving her kids.  Her husband was OK with it, encouraged her being on Big Brother, and that's enough.  Libra's mom lives five minutes away, and was a big help.  If the family is OK with it, that's enough.  No one has the right to criticize Libra.  It's ridiculous.  (Getting off my soap box now). 

We hear from Libra's husband.  He's fine with Libra being on the show, and is happy about Libra taking the Hawaiian vacation.  He's pretty pissed about Michelle's comments about how they should take away her kids.  Michelle was out of line. 

Let's talk with the houseguests, shall we Julie.  Dan is asked about how his religion has affected his game.  He coyly says that the first thing he'll do after getting out of the house is go to confession.  Jerry doesn't back off his comments.  Jerk.

Michelle talks to Julie from the HoH room.  She's wearing an excessive amount of make-up.  She regrets what she said about Dan.  She backs up a little on her comments towards Libra, but not much. 

Moments away from the live vote.  Goodbye, Libra.  Let's talk to the nominees.  Keesha says if she is evicted, no hard feelings.  It's a very upbeat speech, quite admirable.  Libra is also upbeat.  Neither says a bad word about anyone.  Well played, ladies.

Voting time, y'all.

Renny votes to evict Libra. 

Memphis votes to evict Libra.

And that's it before the commercial break.

Jerry votes to evict Libra.  Well, that should seal it. 

Dan votes to evict Libra.  And Libra is gone, Keesha lives to see another day. 

Ollie votes to evict Libra.  As does April. 

Libra is happy, not very emotional after her removal from the game.  She's going to have a lonely week as the first member of the jury.

HoH competition, coming right up.

For the competition, each player sits in a comfy chair.  The competition is called “Diary Room Confessions.”  Julie will read a quote, and the players can ring in and guess which eliminated houseguest gave the quote.  If they get it right, they eliminate another player.  If they get it wrong, they are eliminated. 

Renny gets the first one right, and eliminates April.  Dan gets the second question right, and eliminates Jerry.  Yes!  Ollie gets the next question wrong, and is eliminated.  Dan gets the next question wrong. 

Renny gets the final question correct, and becomes the new Head of Household.  Possible April and Ollie nominations?  I'll be back tonight with a full recap of the episode. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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