Big Brother 10: Week 4 Nominations, Live Thoughts
Big Brother 10: Week 4 Nominations, Live Thoughts
As we prepare for another brain-smashing episode of Big Brother 10 tonight, the one question on everyone's mind is who will end up being the big HoH.  At the end of Thursday's episode, the players were thrown into an endurance competition/Aerosmith homage called "Livin' on the Edge."  The housemates have to stand on the fake ledge of a fake building while the sadistic CBS crew members tilt the facade in an attempt to throw them off.  Who will be the last person standing?  And wouldn't this be a lot funnier if they were being tossed off a real building?

Aside from the HoH shenanigans, we also get to see how Dan handles being America's Player.  Can the Catholic school teacher keep a secret?

The episode starts with the Chen-Bot reminding us that the house guests have to hang on to the faux ledge for dear life.  Ollie tells Jessie that he should try taking his shirt off, which is an offer he declines for once in his life.  Keesha sits on the sidelines, flashbacking about how happy she is to have Angie gone.

To no one's surprise, thousand-year-old Jerry is the first to fall off the ledge.  The contestants begin dropping like flies, which makes both Jessie and Michelle worry about the state of their alliance.  Loud-talking Dan decides to throw himself to the ground, feeling confident that his status as America's Player will work to his advantage, but Libra suspects that he took a dive.

That body building must not help too much, because Jessie falls off before the other members of his alliance.  He even plummets to his doom before Renny!  For reasons beyond my comprehension, Dan thinks he's on Friday Night Lights and starts giving motivational speeches to the few remaining players.  He tells Michelle to hang in there so she can put Rhode Island on the map, because everyone will forget it exists otherwise.

It comes down to Michelle and April.  As Dan stands up and reenacts the ending of every inspirational sports movie ever made in an attempt to keep April alive, I long to punch him in his face.  Seriously Dan, if I wanted to watch Remember the Titans I'd. . .well, that would never happen, so never mind.  Just stop with the speechifying.  As annoying as the speeches are, they do some good and help April win the competition.  Michelle puts up a good fight, only dropping off after April promises not to place her or Jessie up for elimination.

April is the big HoH!  But is she the HoH that can be trusted?  After Michelle has a nervous breakdown, April takes a tour of her Nebraska-fied HoH room and confides to the other girls that she's gunning for Memphis.  She then takes offense to the fact that Keesha is becoming friendly with Memphis, which Renny overhears and fills Keesha in on.  Keesha vows to do whatever it takes to keep Memphis in the house.

Who should Dan try to get nominated tonight?  America says Jessie, which is going to be tough considering the promise April made.   He tries to sweet talk April while she does her makeup, but he's no Machiavelli and fails miserably.  April runs to Libra and spills the beans about how weird he's acting, and she deduces that he may be America's Player.  April is a regular Sherlock Holmes!

While Memphis and Keesha figure out that Jessie and Michelle are likely safe tonight, April gets even crazier over the fact that Keesha is conversing with him.  I'm not sure I understand why April feels so betrayed and horrified, but whatever.

Does Keesha look like Kirstie Alley in her picture on the Big Brother nomination wall, or is it just me?  April stares the wall down and ponders who to nominate.  After she turns her magical keys and picks two people she doesn't trust, the housemates gather round to find out whose ass is on the line.  She nominates Jessie and Memphis.  She tells Jessie that people are intimidated by him, and explains to Memphis that he became a target after winning the car.

Who will win the Power of Veto?  Can either Jessie or Memphis be saved?  We'll find out Tuesday on the next episode of Big Brother 10.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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