Big Brother 10: Week 4 Eviction Recap
Big Brother 10: Week 4 Eviction Recap
Well, it seems that Jessie's nine lives were up on tonight's eviction episode of Big Brother.  Of the four weeks that Jessie spent in the house, he was on the block three weeks and HOH for one.  Not a very successful run.  He didn't really form a strong alliance, other than with Michelle, and didn't seem to particularly like anybody in the house besides her.  When he was eliminated from the house, he said that he wasn't surprised but felt that his housemates had the completely wrong impression of him.  Jessie didn't seem to think that he was arrogant at all but when Julie played a word association game with and he had to describe himself, he responded "the man".  Whether you liked Jessie or not, one thing is for sure: the game won't be the same without him.  Read on for more details about tonight's eviction episode.

The Houseguests Get A Wake Up Call

The Big Brother players literally jumped out of bed this week when viewer phone calls were played through a sound system in the house beginning at 1am.  From people screaming their names to counting off random numbers to talking nonsense, the calls went on all night long and no one got any sleep!

Michelle Vows Vengeance
There was an ending to an HOH competition that many players didn't want to see happen.  Michelle beat Libra to become the new Head of Household and considering it was only minutes after Jessie's eviction, it was safe to say that she was out for blood.  She made no qualms about who she'd be going after and basically pointed the finger and Libra, Keesha, and Dan.  It's a little unfortunate for Dan, America's Player, since he no longer has any say in his votes.  At least he's making money!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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