Big Brother 10: Week 2 Power Rankings Part 1, 12-7
Big Brother 10: Week 2 Power Rankings Part 1, 12-7
Doing a power rankings this early in a Big Brother season is a recipe for disaster.  We know that alliances will change, we know that the initial interactions between the houseguests will become vastly more complicated in the coming weeks, and we know that the longer the Big Brother houseguests are cooped up in the house the crazier they will become.  However, thanks to Brian, we now know a lot about how these people will play the game.  There are innumerable iterations for how this thing could go.  But, for now, all we can do is speculate away and give our best guess.  Part one of the two part power rankings gets underway below. 

#12 – Renny

She might not be the next person evicted, she might not be evicted for a couple of weeks, but the fact remains: Renny is annoying and she will eventually force the hands of her fellow housemates.  I suppose Renny has the potential to become a big-time floater, but if that's the case, she still has no chance at winning.  Add to that her mediocre challenge ability, and Renny is the least likely remaining contestant to win a half million.

#11 – Dan

Dan is a cooler guy than I expected him to be.  That doesn't mean I like him.  However, you have to respect a man who sticks to his guns.  Dan, despite getting the green light from friend Brian to vote against him, was the lone vote for Brian in the eviction ceremony Wednesday night.  This kind of stubbornness is admirable, but it's not going to get him anywhere on Big Brother.  Could be the next person evicted.

#10 – Steven

Steven is also a stand-up guy, and I expect him to try and play this game as hard as he can going forward.  He could turn things around with a drastically different strategy and by finding different alliances.  I just have a gut feeling, however, that he will be penalized for being such close friends with Brian.  Since he was sneaky, the house will assume Steven is the same.

#9 – April

It may look like she's sitting pretty, but the insane amount of drama she brings to the table will soon signal her downfall.  She has instigated every fight inside the house so far, it seems, and I can't stand her.  And, if I can't stand her after three episodes, how will the house deal with her over the course of weeks.  She has that ace in the hole with the Ollie showmance, but Ollie will eventually come to his senses.

#8 – Jessie

If wasn't Head of Household this week, I'd have already called Jessie's name.  I can't understand how he won Wednesday's HoH competition – I'm going to chalk it up to pure, dumb luck.  Frankly, Jessie is too dense to make it far in this game.  He'll be gone before long.

#7 - Michelle

For me, Michelle has been a non-entity thus far. Just like my initial thoughts on her, she has vaguely annoyed me.  That might not be fair, and I may come around on Michelle.  Her game play doesn't strike as overly subtle, and she looks like a follower.  Maybe she'll float along until the end. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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