Big Brother 10: Week 11 Highlight Show Recap
Big Brother 10: Week 11 Highlight Show Recap
The Great Big Brother Clip Show of 2008 is over and done, leaving the Big Brother fan collective completely and utterly indifferent.  There was very little in the way of new footage, and the new footage there was lacked any semblance of controversy.  Nor was it interesting.  If you've seen most episodes of Big Brother 10, tuning in to tonight's episode was probably a mistake.  I feel gypped.  In a perfect world, Les Moonves would have hired Joel McHale from The Soup to provide an hour-long Big Brother 10 version of The Soup.  How freaking entertaining would that have been?  Also – why can't I be a television executive?  So, if you have any interest in reading a recap of a television show that was essentially a recap in and of itself, proceed and prepare to have your mind blown, for I know not the perils of recapping a recap.  After I write this, a tear might open up in the space-time continuum (eat my dust, Large Hadron Collider). 

Big Brother employed the old 80's sitcom device which, even with the fact that Big Brother is a reality show, felt as fake as it did tonight as it did on Full HouseDan and Memphis, post-Jerry's eviction, sat around talking about the season.  “Remember when...” and then they'd show a clip.  The highlights shown included:

Jerry grabs April's boobs.  They are real and, according to Jerry's grin, spectacular.

Jerry tries to rap while wearing jean shorts. 

Jerry calls people names. 

Brian is backstabbed in a massive coup. 

Jessie and Renny fight. 

April and Ollie are in loooove.

Renny impersonates people, is tormented by Dan, doesn't understand time zones.

Dan torments Keesha.

Libra, April and Jerry mix it up.  Libra and Jessie fight on Keesha's birthday. 

The Variety Show!  The Puppet Show!

Ollie is scared of birds.  Also, can't swim. 

Michelle yells at people while wearing that frightening red leotard. 

And, that was about it.  Disappointing and pointless episode.  CBS, you're on my list. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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