Big Brother 10: The Case for Memphis
Big Brother 10: The Case for Memphis
Memphis, the unsung mastermind of Big Brother 10.  Memphis, now on the precipice of victory, this close to $500,000, can look back on his time in the Big Brother house and be proud of what he did.  In a way, it's hard to separate Dan and Memphis when it comes to what they accomplished inside the Big Brother house.  They were a great compliment to one another.  In a way, Dan was the Bad Cop, Memphis the Good Cop (though, they traded these labels when it came to Keesha).  They hid their alliance for a long time, and Memphis was able to sit back and let Dan do much of the dirty work.  You might argue that Dan deserves to win because of this, but wasn't Memphis just being smart?  If you have a partner in crime willing to go through with all the risky moves, why do any of them yourself? If you don't piss anybody off, all the better for you if your plans fall apart.  Memphis did exactly what he had to do.  

When you have a player like Dan, who schemed and lied and exerted a ton of mental effort into making it as far as he did, it's hard to look at someone like Memphis and say they deserve to win.  But, it's not like Memphis skated by.  He was able to cultivate relationships with most everyone inside the house.  He rarely looked like the bad guy when people were evicted.  He never won a Head of Household.  It was almost effortless, Memphis's season.  In a way, isn't that more impressive than what Dan accomplished?  Memphis didn't put any unnecessary effort into his game play.  It might not have made for the most exciting game, but it was effective nonetheless. 

What it's going to come down to, for Memphis, is whether or not the jury responds to Dan's puppet-mastery.  If they buy that Dan was the brains behind the operation, and that he had orchestrated all the evictions, then Memphis might be in trouble.  However, if Memphis can convince the jury that he was as just a big of a part in the master plan as Dan was, but kept his hands clean in the process, he might have a shot.  It, of course, doesn't hurt that Memphis is generally more well-liked than Dan. 

And, really, Memphis is just a good guy.  If you were basing your vote simply on where your heart told you to go, Memphis is the obvious choice, is he not?  There's nothing complex about what Memphis did on Big Brother 10.  He went about his business, played when he had to play, got to know people when he needed to, and ended up making the final two.  You can't say that's not impressive. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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