Big Brother 10: The Case for Dan
Big Brother 10: The Case for Dan
Dan has received a lot of Will Kirby comparisons for his work on Big Brother 10.  They might be partly apt, but the differences between the two men are vast.  Will Kirby's whole game was about being overtly shameless, toying with his fellow houseguests after telling them he would toy with them.  Dan was far more under-handed, perhaps more clever, in how he went about manipulating those around him.  Will's whole persona was an act, while Dan kept his own persona, mostly, but spent a lot of time acting to sway the perspective of the houseguests.  Dan was the most active player on Big Brother 10 and, thanks in part to luck and a string of competition victories, it all worked out for the Catholic school teacher.  Why does he deserve to win $500,000?

It's simple.  He took risks.  He played the game.  You can't ask for much more as an audience member.  Early in the season, I thought that I would despise Dan.  His biography painted the picture of a close-minded ultra-conservative jerk.  It soon became clear that this wasn't the case.  While he may be religious, it wasn't in the offensively overt fashion of a Natalie or Jameka or Natalie.  He didn't preach, he didn't judge.  Dan, in reality, is a smart guy who has an easy way with people.  The best part about Dan is that he was able to separate the relationships he made inside the house from the game that is Big Brother.  Early on, he recognized that Big Brother is a competition.  Catering to the feelings of others wasn't a priority for Dan.  For that, viewers can be thankful. 

Dan deserves to win.  He backstabbed some people, but that's the kind of game you have to play to make it far in the game.  What's important to know is that Dan was convincing enough in the deals that he made, that his enemies trusted him before he orchestrated their eviction.  Dan started the season on unsteady ground.  He was almost evicted, thanks to his connection to Brian, Steven and Angie.  Perhaps the most impressive feat by anyone in the game, Dan switched gears dramatically, and faded into the scenery.  He got sympathy to come his way, purposely lost all the challenges, and floated for awhile until he needed to. 

Dan made no mistakes.  He's here now.  He took risks.  For a show whose entertainment value is partly based on the houseguests doing ballsy things, Dan made Big Brother entertaining.  For that alone, he probably deserves $500,000.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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