Big Brother 10 Spoilers: Week 9 Power of Veto
Big Brother 10 Spoilers: Week 9 Power of Veto
One week from today, Big Brother 10 will come to an end.  Unlike some previous seasons, fans need not worry that this will be the final Big Brother season ever; CBS has already begun casting for Big Brother 11.  We can enjoy the season that has passed, a worthy return to form after a rocky couple of years in the Big Brother universe.  Big Brother 10 has housed less despicable contestants than season's past, and has gone about its way in an unassuming, no-frills/no-twists manner much to the delight of Big Brother purists.  By the end of tonight, there will only be three houseguests remaining inside the house.  Since the Power of Veto winner has been crowned already, we can better analyze and predict what might go down in tonight's all important and special Tuesday eviction episode.


Memphis won the Power of Veto. 

The Renegades keep on keepin' on, dominating the challenges for about the last month.  This has all worked out perfectly for Memphis and Dan.  Dan's nominations were meant to put Keesha at ease, but now it seems likely that she will head back on the block.  We can assume that Memphis will use his power of veto to remove himself from the block, thus forcing Dan's hand into nominating Keesha in his stead.  The obvious play would be for Memphis to evict Jerry, but you never know.  It's getting late in the game, and it's no time to put feelings and relationships first and foremost.

However, I can't really envision a scenario in which Memphis doesn't cast his lone vote to evict the old man.  Keesha has been Dan and Memphis's partner in crime throughout the season.  She's their friend and, when it comes down to it, they kind of owe her a chance to make the final two.  In addition, Jerry fully expects to be eliminated tomorrow, and no matter who casts that vote, his final jury vote isn't likely to be swayed either way.  If Memphis does evict Keesha, however, she will certainly take that backstab into account when she casts her jury vote. 

Evicting Jerry is the safe play, and the one Memphis should make, and the one I think he will make.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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