Big Brother 10 Spoilers: Week 8 Nominations
Big Brother 10 Spoilers: Week 8 Nominations
This is one of those silly spoiler articles where I have to ramble in this here first paragraph.  Because of the accelerated Big Brother schedule due to yesterday's double eviction episode, you TV-only Big Brother fans still do not know who the new Head of Household is.  If you'd like to know who it is, we posted that spoiler here yesterday.  Now, we also know who the Head of Household nominated.  Because I want to give literally nothing away right now, I'll say only this: Big Brother 10 has probably been the best Big Brother season I've witnessed since I began seriously watching the show during season 7.  And, we're not even done yet.  Given the final five that we currently have, conflict will have to arise from places where there once was none.  Who will turn on whom?  More importantly, who did the HoH nominate today?


Jerry, in a moment of divine intervention, somehow won yesterday's Head of Household nomination.  That is hilarious on so many levels.  Jerry has been on the block countless times, and has only avoided eviction because his fellow housemates simply lacked respect for his game playing abilities.  He almost won Thursday's live HoH competition, and now with the title under his belt, you have to give the old man some respect.

Anyway, he went in a bit of a different direction with the nominations than I would have expected. 

Jerry nominated Dan and Keesha

I would have predicted a Dan and Memphis nomination, but adding Keesha to the ticket here has to make one think that Jerry is targeting Dan.  This leads to some interesting scenarios.  If Keesha wins the PoV, she takes herself off and Memphis goes up.  If Dan wins PoV, Dan takes himself off and Memphis goes up.  If Renny wins the PoV, she takes Keesha off and Memphis goes up.  The only people who wouldn't use the veto are Memphis and Jerry (although, it's possible that Memphis would use it to take off Dan and maybe get Renny ousted, but I think he's ready to say peace to Dan).

There you have it.  Another twist, another turn.

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