Big Brother 10 Spoilers: Week 7 Power of Veto
Big Brother 10 Spoilers: Week 7 Power of Veto
I went on record earlier today saying that Dan will be vindicated for the deal he made with Ollie.  Now, we have a much better idea if that will actually be the case.  The Power of Veto competition and ceremony are over.  Dan went out on a limb with the deal he made, and a lot of Big Brother fans were quick to call him stupid.  Whether or not this is the case is up for debate, but at least it's fun to watch.  Dan is playing a different game than any other Big Brother player ever.  His tactics are peculiar.  I'd argue their ingenious.  The next month will give us a verdict.  No matter what ultimately happens, I'm enjoying the Dan era on Big Brother.


Memphis won the Power of Veto competition.  For all the Memphis-Dan-Keesha-Renny fans, this was absolutely spectacular news.  Memphis, obviously, saved himself.  The big question was who would go up in his place.  The deal Dan made allowed Ollie to choose who would be nominated in the case the veto was used.  But, as I illustrated in my article earlier today, a strike against the Alliance of Four would prove futile; Memphis and Renny/Keesha would be voting against Jerry if either Renny or Keesha was put on the block, allowing Dan as HoH to break the tie. 

Michelle was nominated in Memphis's place.

I have no reason to believe that Dan reneged on his deal.  Perhaps he did.  In most respects, Dan has played a pretty transparent game.  He and Ollie probably discussed the situation, and I'm sure Ollie realized the futility of nominating either Keesha or Renny.  Michelle's nomination was likely a compromise between the two. 

I'm guessing that Michelle will be evicted on Thursday.  She is a bigger threat than Jerry, who would have to get very lucky to win any sort of challenge at this point.  The Big Brother house has taken a significant physical toll on the old man. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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