'Big Brother 10' Spoilers: Week 2 Nominations
'Big Brother 10' Spoilers: Week 2 Nominations
Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers.  Are there Big Brother fans out there who only watch the live feeds and the live eviction episodes?  It seems like there should be.  Spoilers, for lots of people, completely ruin a piece of entertainment.  I've found that, for reality shows, I'm more or less impervious to spoilers.  To me, the process and the edited action is far more interesting than the pure results.  For others, spoilers ruin the suspense of a show.  If you're one of these people, throw your computer against the wall right now.  We'll be giving you Big Brother fans spoiler articles all season.  Not long ago today, the nomination ceremony was held and Jessie put a couple of poor souls on the block.  Would he take down those people close to the now-departed Brian?  Would he take out Renny, his mortal enemy?  Or, would he do something crazy and surprise us all?  Find out below.


Jessie nominated Dan and Steven

That was obvious.  There's a possibility that Jessie wants to back door Angie after Power of Veto, but I have to believe that Jessie and his cronies would be happy with either Dan or Steven gone.  Dan doesn't seem like the kind of guy who's going to deal his way to safety.  Also, I'm not sure if Dan or Steven will be willing to campaign against each other. 

Is there any hope for Dan or Steven?  Maybe not.  I think their best chance is to stay aligned, perhaps secretly, with Angie, and hope to god she wins PoV.  Kind of a long shot, I know, but it's something.  Another possibility is for Angie, Dan and Steven to openly keep up an alliance and try to pull in a couple of other houseguests.  Maybe Keesha.  Maybe Jerry.  Who knows?  Sadly, things are looking dire for both of the men on the block this week.  I don't like Jessie very much at all. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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